Fall Nail Polish Colors: On-Trend Colors for Fall 2023

October 19, 2020 (updated January 31, 2023)

Fall nail polish colors rank high on our list of how to best transition from summer to fall, including adding pumpkin to everything, baking GF apple crisp from the apples we gathered at the orchard, and breaking out our chunky sweaters (even if the weather doesn’t *quite* demand it—yet). So what color nail polish is in for fall? We’ve got the breakdown and #nailspo for you.

a close up of a hand with nails painted in olive & june tip your barista shade

By: Nicolle Mackinnon

Updating my nail color has become a self-care ritual for me and I love nothing more than trying a new hue, especially one that gets me excited about the transition to fall. This season, we’re seeing a continuation of some of the summer nail trends, with the anticipated move towards darker, moodier shades. Ready for what’s hot in nail colors for fall? Let’s go.


Fall nail polish colors 2023

Matte manis

Skip the shimmer or shine and go MATTE this fall. It’s a chic way to update any color you have on hand without a big investment—you just need a matte top coat. And they look gorg, IMO.

TOG’s matte manis picks

1. Olive & June Matte Top Coat with Tip Your Barista | $9   2. Dazzle Dry Mattify Top Coat | $20 3. Olive & June Matte Top Coat | $9

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Coffee break: browns and taupes

Are you a pumpkin spice latte type? Do you like an espresso shot with honey? Is a chai latte as close as you get to coffee? Wear your hot-drink preferences on your nails with dark browns, neutral taupes and any creamy shade in between.

TOG’s coffee break picks

1. Dazzle Dry Pawn | $22. 2. Olive & June Tip Your Barista | $9 3. Cote No. 122 | $18 4. Olive & June Coffee Milk | $9

Dive deep: navy or red 

Dark, grungy colors are in for this fall, as we’re still riding the 90s nostalgia wave. Navy, dark red, black and gunmetal are all on the grunge scale while still being elegant and totally wearable. Pair with your fave black jeans, chunky boots and a flannel.

TOG’s deep dive nail color picks

1. Dazzle Dry Gambit | $22 2. Olive & June Lipstick Stain | $9 3. Cote No. 77 | $18 4. Kure Bazaar Parisienne | $18

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Grayed out

Nails to match Lisa’s hair? Don’t mind if I do. Gray is always chic (I still think my all-time favorite nail polish is that gray-beige from a few years back), but this season, we’re seeing cool-toned grays ranging from near black to blue-gray being swiped on digits across the globe.

TOG’s grayed out nail color picks

1. Dazzle Dry Affluent | $22 2. Olive & June Scattered Showers | $9 3. Cote No. 99 | $18 4. Kure Bazaar Smokey | $18

Glazed donut nails

Have you seen this shiny, shimmery trend allllllll over your social media? Sure they kinda scream summer, with their pastel or bright color palette, but the slick nails look isn’t going anywhere soon. Sure, you can achieve the Hailey Bieber-pioneered look with a shimmery color, but a glazed top coat gives you more bang for your buck: put it on top of any color you currently have to copy the look.

TOG’s glazed donut nail color picks

1. Olive & June Nail Brightener | $14   2. Dazzle Dry Spiritual Diva | $22

Emo French

French manicures aren’t going anywhere, but they’re taking an emo angle for fall. Think your classic French tipped nail but in shades of blue and black, on long, almond-shaped nails. And you can pull it off without going full Elvira, trust me.

TOG’s emo french nail color picks

1. Olive & June E+M | $9  2. Dazzle Dry Bold | $22 3. Cote No. 76 | $18 4. Kure Bazaar Kale | $18

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What fall nail trends will be your go-to?

xo, nicolle in cursive

Common questions about nontoxic fall nail polish:

What are the best nontoxic nail polish brands?

The best nontoxic nail polish brands: CĂ´te, KURE BAZAAR, Olive & June, Sally Hansen and Dazzle Dry. Learn more about them here.

What are popular nail color trends for fall 2022?

Matte manis, browns and taupes, dark red or navy, grays, glazed donut nails and emo French. Learn more here.

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By Nicolle Mackinnon

Nicolle Mackinnon is TNK's content manager. She has a penchant for vegan lip color, cold-brew coffee and helping women feel empowered to make informed choices about their health by opening them up to new information and trends. Better, clean beauty is just one outlet to changing the way we shop and live.


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    Hi! How clean is Londontown, both nail polish and the “Kur” serie (bascoat ect)???

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      Hi Maris! I personally love how Londontown preforms..it’s so good. There are cleaner but it’s still pretty clean compared to nail polish gen pop ; )

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    Check out Sienna Byron Bay polishes. Love.

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      Thanks girl! I have them! xo, Lisa

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    Suggestions on what to do with old lesser clean polishes?

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      Hi DeAnna! I would recommend checking out your city or town’s paint pickup schedule. Most towns host that a couple of times a year and I believe they will take nail polishes too!

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    Thank you for this list so appreciate it. I would appreciate more warm colors be presented.

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