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November 10, 2020 (updated December 14, 2023) — Written by

It’s gift guide season, BW-BW-BW-BWAAAAAAAA! This year we put together 5 STACKED guides (women’s, men’s, teens’, home and beauty). One of my favorite things about these guides is that we offer gift options in 3 different price ranges, so you can shop within your own budge. A new guide will be dropping every day this week—be sure to check back!

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By: Lisa Fennessy

This post contains some affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, TNK receives a small percentage of the sale price. Some brands may have paid a small fee to be featured. We only recommend brands that we truly believe in. Support our editorial work by supporting them!

The Women’s Gift Guide is one of my favorites to put together. Mostly because, I basically soup it up with everything I want or have been loving this year, lol. Feel free to bookmark or forward to your boo so they know what to get you!


tube of hair care product from EVOLVh

For example, let’s start out with EVOLVh’s Dream Gel. This makes a fantastic stocking stuffer for anyone with curly or textured hair that’s on the drier side. This creamy gel applies like an oil-based product, so it’s strongest suit is conditioning hair. It also works to define, control and smooth too. This no-crunch gel is better suited for more coarse hair over fine hair IMO, and will be a match made in heaven for people looking to condition as well as define. 

The oil-based texture also makes it super budget-friendly—a little goes a long way, and the frizz control is top-notch. Plus, the scent, like all EVOLVh products, is killer without being too much.

picture with skin care tools from Jenny Patinkin

And, if you are looking to gift something more skincare focused, who doesn’t love a good skincare tool?! For this, I’m obsessed with all things Jenny Patinkin. More specifically, her Cryo Glow Globes + Dermaplaning Bundle.

Not only are the Cryo Globes pink (😍), but they also work to take down unwanted eye puffiness, reduce redness and bring down inflammation. Plus these glass, curved-shaped globes fit directly into my eye sockets, hugging all the spots, so essentially I can do the most and the least at the same time. (These feel so good!)

This bundle also comes with her Skin Perfectors, which combine a stainless steel safety blade and surplus wheat straw bioplastic to create a tool you can use on your entire face to exfoliate, remove peach fuzz and enhance product absorption. It also helps makeup wear smoother too! WARNING: Once you start, you won’t stop! 😂

woman wearing brown cardigan

Lastly, if you are looking to give the gift of ethical clothing, this year I fell in love with Tradlands. Check out their Shelter Cardigan, which I basically haven’t taken off since the day it arrived. Love the chunky, wide knit look with minimal buttons. It’s super cozy and easy to layer. Perfect for lounging around the house, Sunday brunch or the nearest bonfire hangout. I have this in Burnt Sienna. 

logo of LoveLand foundation

And if you are looking for a bigger way to drive change, consider donating to The Loveland Foundation. The Loveland Foundation was founded by activist Rachel Cargle and provides financial assistance to Black women and girls so that they can seek therapy for healing and overall wellness.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our Men’s Gift Guide

Sustainable Gifts Under $30 for Her

gift guide for her
  1. EVOLVh DreamGel ($24)
  2. Subset Thongs ($18)
  3. Miakoda Zero Waste Scrunchie ($5)
  4. Prima CBD Bath Bombs ($15) 
  5. We Shop A Mano Jewelry Dish ($22)
  6. Beneath Your Mask Lip Remedy ($22) 
  7. Linjer Silje Silver Stud Earrings ($30) Ready-Made Vortex Mini Twist Hoops ($30)
  8. Handwoven Brass Tea Strainer ($12)
  9. Bon Appesweet Vegan, Plant-based, Date-Sweetened Chocolate Bar ($8.50)
  10. Sacred Rose Ranavat Hand Cream ($32)
  11. Wild Tarot Guidebook ($29)
  12. Purely Alpaca Knee High Socks ($27)
  13. We’re Not Really Strangers Card Deck ($25)
  14. Biodegradable Seed Paper Note Cards ($6.48) 
  15. Zero Waste Linen Bento Bag (which makes for a cute gift wrap too) ($25)
  16. When No One Is Watching ($16)

Sustainable Gifts Under $100 for Her

sustainable gifts laid out of a graphic
  1. Abbott NYC Mojave Eau de Parfum ($78)
  2. A sustainable Machete hair clip ($42)
  3. True Botanicals Stress Relief Aromatherapy Roll On ($38)
  4. Jenny Patinkin Skin Smoothing Set ($75)
  5. Crazy Cap ($49+)
  6. A mental health journal ($38)
  7. FreeFolding Ceramic Coffee Mug ($44)
  8. Ceramic Trinket Tray ($48)
  9. Handblown Recycled Glassware ($38)
  10. Neck Wrap Therapy Wrap ($40)
  11. Kyrgies Woven Slippers ($69)
  12. Ink + Alloy Seed Bead Key Ring ($35)
  13. Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator ($95)
  14. Tradlands Beanie ($44) and some Nano Puff Mitts ($69)
  15. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner ($39.99)
  16. Bare Hands (polish-free mani stone) ($39)

Sustainable Gifts $100+ For Her

sustainable gifts laid out of a graphic
  1. Nature’s Hommage sustainable Classic Leggings ($93) and Boxer Bra ($58)
  2. Parker Clay Makeda Crossbody ($158)
  3. Sustainable Stacking Rings ($145+)
  4. True Botanicals Merry Skin Barrier Set ($225)
  5. Mara Vera hand printed scarves ($110+)
  6. Lunar Frost Fleece ($179)
  7. Dry Farm Wines sub ($171)
  8. Monsoon Beverly Faux Fur Collar Coat ($155) 
  9. Sappan Wood Ayurvedic Meditation Pillow ($165)
  10. Women’s Trail Runners ($138)
  11. Lyric Massager ($199)
  12. Coyuchi Cloud Loom Organic Robe ($148)
  13. OEKO-TEX® Certified Lily Silk PJs ($240) 
  14. Nisolo Carmen Chelsea Boot ($230)
  15. Tradlands Shelter Cardigan ($227)
  16. Soothe At-Home Massage Giftcard (varies)

What are you adding to your list this year?

xo, lisa in cursive

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    absolutely love the earrings <3
    been also cupping for a while and it does make a difference

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      It really does, doesn’t it? A lot easier than I thought it would be too. And yes, these earrings – talk about a feel-good purchase! xo, Lisa

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