Coupon Codes

Transitioning to a green lifestyle can be overwhelming and sometimes expensive. If I can score you guys some discount codes and coupon codes for organic beauty brands, I will! Check back often.

These brands are listed in alphabetical order. Make sure you apply the correct coupon code at check out. Also, all codes are for U.S. shopping only, unless otherwise noted. Happy shopping!


AILLEA: NEWKNEW15 will save you 15% on your first order online or in store. Note: KYPRIS, Josh Rosebrook, OSEA and Vintner’s Daughter are excluded from the discount offer.

Aleavia Skincare: NEWKNEW15 will save you 15%.

Alypn Beauty: THENEW.KNEW15 will save you 15%.

Axiology: THENEWKNEW will save you 20%.

Beauty Heroes: TNK15 will save you 15% off subscriptions.

Bloomeffects: thenew.knew will save you 20% off sitewide.

BLÜH Alchemy: TNK15 will save you 15% off sitewide.

Bubble & Bee: NEWKNEW will save you 15% sitewide.

Caldera + Lab: TNK20 will save you 20% sitewide.

The Choosy Chick: THENEWKNEW will save you 10%.

CurrentBody: THENEWKNEWLED will save you $60 off this mask.

Dazzle Dry: NEWKNEW will save you 15% sitewide.

The Detox Market: THENEWKNEW15 will save you 15% on your first order.

Erin’s Faces: NEWKNEW will save you 10% on a one-time purchase.

EVOLVh: NEWKNEW15 will save you 15% on your first order. Check out my Evolvh haircare review!

Fitglow: NEWKNEW20 will save you 20% sitewide.

Henné: NEWKNEW15 will save first-timers 15%.

KHUS + KHUS: THENEWKNEW25 will save you 25% – Read review here.

Leahlani: Use code TNK10 to save 10%.

Le Prunier: Use code THENEWKNEW for 15% off.

LIVE Botanical: NEWKNEW will save first-timers 20% – Read review here.

Made Simple Living: TNK15 will save you 15% off your first purchase.

Me Time Botanicals: Use code TNK15 for 15% off!

Olive & June: THENEWKNEW for 20% off all Olive & June systems purchases (including Mani, Pedi & Complete Systems).

OSEA Malibu: Use NEWKNEW for 10% off! And check out my review here.

Papillon Organic: NEWKNEW will save you 15% on your order.

Petit Vour Cruelty Free Beauty Subscription: FIRSTBOX will save you 25% off your first box!

Prima: NEWKNEW for 20% sitewide.

Reverie: Code newknew for 15% off sitewide.

True Botanicals: TNK10 will save you 10% off your order.


360 Cookware: NEWKNEW will save you 20% on 360 cookware!

Almond Cow: THENEWKNEW will save you $20 off ANY purchase of $200 or more.

beek: NEWKNEW for 10% off, some exclusions apply.

Dry Farm Wines: Get an extra wine bottle for a penny when you use this link. Our Dry Farm Wines review is here.

Force of Nature: THENEWKNEW for 40% off all Bundles (the Extra Value and Year of Capsules Bundles).

Kitsch: NEWKNEW will save you 15% off.

Leena & Lu: TNK20 will save you 20%. I tried a few of their organic PJs and found them extremely comfy!

LILYSILK: TNK10 will save you 10% off on orders and TNK20 will save you 20% off on orders over $500. Available to U.S. and international shoppers.

Live Botanical: NEWKNEW will save you 20%.

LOVETRUST: TNKLOVE20 will save you 20% – Read review here.

MaryRuth Organics: MRONEWKNEW15 will save you 15% – check out my our review here!

Mighty Fix: Use code TNKFIX which will also get you your first month for just $3 – and these dryer balls will arrive as your first-month swap! Read more about my Mighty Fix review here!

Organifi: Use code NEWKNEW to save 20%.

Pact: NEWKNEW15 is valid for first-time customers to get 15% off full-price items. 

Saalt: newknew will save you 15% on your purchase.

Savvy Rest: Use code FAVE20 for 20% off all Savvy Rest products. Their Organic Latex Soap-Shaped pillow is my top pillow pick.

SEED: TNK15 will save you 5% off the first month of a new Daily Synbiotic subscription!

SelfDecode: THENEWKNEW will save you 10% off.

SimpleKneads: Use code newknew15 to save 15% on your order!

Terralite: Ue code TNK10 to save 10% on your order.