DIY Skincare: DIY Deodorant from One Love Organics Founder

February 4, 2022 (updated April 13, 2023)

Natural (or aluminum-free) deodorant is, IMO, one of the hardest swaps when it comes to ethical beauty. Part of it is the fact that you have to actually get used to sweating if you’re transitioning from antiperspirant to plain ol deodorant; part of it is that there’s a LOT of trial and error involved. So why not DIY? Here’s how, from One Love Organics’ Founder Suzanne LeRoux.

A flatlay of the DIY deodorant ingredients, including crystal deo, body balm and lavender oil.

By: Nicolle Mackinnon

Swapping your Secret out for a more natural deodorant can feel like a chore, but it’s a swap I recommend first to anyone looking to move toward a more conscious personal care routine. Why? Aluminum and its antiperspirant effects are just one reason. Undisclosed fragrance is another.

Natural deodorant is tricky though, because its effectiveness can depend on your body chemistry—what blocks odor on me might not block odor on you. Example: Though I LOVE the scent of rose, when rose is the prominent profile in my deo, my pits start to smell like spaghetti sauce by the end of the day. Weird? Yes. An opportunity to learn? Also yes.

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So when the TNK team was curious about a DIY deodorant that actually works, we chatted with Suzanne LeRoux, founder of One Love Organics, a line that I love to recommend to better beauty newbies—it’s accessible, not overwhelming, effective and (bonus) its ECOCERT. We are all ears when it comes to OLO because Suzanne even built an ECOCERT manufacturing facility in Georgia to accommodate her desire for the highest quality skincare certification on the market (read more about why that’s important here).

OLO was one of the very first skincare lines I tried when I started writing for better beauty brands. I love the foundation of innovative skincare science that OLO uses to harness the healing power of plants. Their speciality is in holistic skincare essentials packed with vitamins and antioxidants for fresh, radiant skin. And P.S., if you’ve never tried their Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, girrrrrrrl. You are missing out!

All of that to say, when I heard about Suzanne’s unique DIY deo, I was IN.

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An image of ingredients for DIY deodorant.

DIY deodorant from One Love Organics’ Founder Suzanne LeRoux

Suzanne is incredibly knowledgeable about skincare and ingredients, and hearing about her struggles to find a natural deo that worked for her was really validating. Here’s what she has to say.

“This is what works for me. It is a bit complicated but I have tried so many on the market and this is the one that has the least fails. And boy, the fails are hard. LOL. 

I tried a very touted natural deo for the first time and boarded a plane for a store visit. On the plane, I complained to my husband that someone on the plane was kind of stinky. He got a really embarrassed look and said I think it might be you. Well sure enough, it was! And I couldn’t do anything about it until I got off the plane and to the hotel. 

SO, I only test deodorants at home before I wear them out but nothing has worked so far like this three-step dynamo over the past 8 years of experimenting. 

We really looked into what a deodorant does and making our own, but nothing we tried worked better than what I do—but it takes a few steps.

I learned that sweat itself does not smell but body odor may occur when bacteria on the skin break down and the bacteria’s waste products are what produce the smell.”

Step 1

Right out of the shower, I first use a Crystal deodorant stone and smooth it under the arm on very damp skin. The salt forms an invisible film that sits on the surface of the skin. It doesn’t stop you from sweating, but it contains a mineral salt called potassium alum, that helps to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Step 2

I then apply lavender oil neat on the underarm area. I love the way it smells, it is a calming start to my day and it also is regarded as having great antibacterial benefits

Step 3

I seal this in with a great smelling balm with oils, butters and a great wax like beeswax (I use Skin Savior Balm) to seal in those ingredients and create a topical barrier. You can also use coconut oil and beeswax blended with your favorite essential oils to create a DIY balm at home. 

I apply all of these first thing out of the shower and then get dressed. I use it very sparingly on damp skin so it absorbs so I have never had issues with any residue or staining so I would say those two are key: applying a small amount and to clean, damp skin. 

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DIY deodorant from One Love Organics’ Founder Suzanne LeRoux

An easy way to create a clean and effective deodorant that you can use daily!
Keyword diy beauty, diy deodorant
Author Suzanne LeRoux


  • 1 Crystal deodorant stone
  • 3 drops lavender oil
  • 1 balm of your choice (choose one that contains oils, butters and maybe beeswax)


  • Right out of the shower, use the Crystal deodorant stone and smooth it under the arm on very damp skin.
  • Apply the lavender oil neat on the underarm area.
  • Seal it all in by creating a topical barrier with a great smelling balm with oils, butters and a great wax like beeswax.

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By Nicolle Mackinnon

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