Eco Home

This is a list of my favorite products and brands that I use daily.

This list is updated.

All-purpose cleaner: The Force of Nature – a cleaning kit that you buy once and refills are only 80 cents! Cleans 99% of germs including listeria, influenza, staff, MRSA and more using only salt, vinegar, and water! Use this for windows, bathroom, kitchen…everything! Read more here.

A nontoxic mattress for the whole family: My Green Mattress – where clean meets affordable. Read more here! Read my review here!

Organic Wine Delivery: Dry Farm Wines (the BEST WINE!)

Organic + Pastured Meat Delivery: ButcherBox (these arrive frozen and the meat is so tasty, clean and SO FRESH!)

Lunch boxes: LunchBots

Windows and glass: Force of Nature and/or Eco Cloth

Stainless Steel: Eco Cloth + a spray of all-purpose cleaner like Force of Nature

Dish soap: Dr. Bronners diluted with water 1:10 or I like Better Life if you want to grab and go.

Handsoap: Kosmatology

Laundry detergent: Rebel Green

Laundry whitener/booster: Ecos OXO Brite

DIY dryer balls: Seasoned Homemaker’s Tutorial or Molly’s Wool Dryer Balls

Disinfectant wipes: Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

Spot treatment: vinegar and baking soda or hydrogen peroxide or Meliora Stain Sticks!

Room spray: From Molly with Love

Shower filter: Berkey

Water filter: Berkey

Dish Washer Detergent: Better Life or If You Care Dishwasher Tabs

Essential Oils: Mountain Rose Herbs

Mop: water only steam mop (tile only not wood)

Save: Find exclusive discount codes here.