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Plum oil: It’s one of the latest celebrity skincare crazes, and Le Prunier is the gold standard. Ever since Chrissy Teigen raved about them on Insta, the brand has been SOLD OUT everywhere. Not to brag, but I totally scooped her in July 2020 when I shared details of why the seed-to-face oil is so special. 😂 Which is why we wanted to chat with Le Prunier Founders, sisters Allison, Jacqueline and Elaine, to get an inside look their favorite natural beauty products, plus wellness tips for a mindful lifestyle, in our Girl Talk interview series.

three founders of Le Prunier beauty
Elaine, Allison and Jacqueline Taylor, Le Prunier Founders.

California-bred sisters Jacqueline, Allison and Elaine Taylor launched Le Prunier—an innovative and organic beauty line based on the power of plum—in 2017 in Neiman Marcus after 2.5 years of testing.

Their grandfather owned and operated a plum farm in the early 1900s, which later turned into the world’s largest grower of organic plums. The farm became certified organic in the 1980s when their father took over—and it’s still in business today.

Growing up, the girls frequently accompanied their father on business trips to Europe and Asia where plums are regarded as a superfood. It was this reverence that initially sparked the idea of Le Prunier—a single ingredient, superfood face oil—and led the sisters to launch it as a separate business in 2018.

Their face oil is moisturizing, uber sustainable, reparative, balancing, effective, affordable, certified organic twice over, and smells amazing (and its full size is still SOLD OUT). What more could you want?!

Did you say total transparency? Well, they’ve got it: The Le Prunier team plants, cultivates, harvests and cold presses all of their own plum seed oil. They truly have full control over every step of the process making this face oil one of the very few that is truly “seed to bottle” or “seed to face.”

Okay, enough background. Come hang with me and the Le Prunier founders!

What are your first 30 minutes like every morning?

A: Wake up, snuggle w/ my pup, make breakfast, then head out for a quick walk. I try to be intentional about not diving straight into work for at least 20-30 mins upon waking up. It find this helps me to reduce stress, stay centered and prioritize what actually needs to be accomplished that day. 

J: My 11-month-old son Samuel is always my wake-up alarm. I play with him for an hour each morning before I begin work! He always puts a smile on my face before I start a busy day of work.

E: I make a cup of hot lemon water while the coffee is brewing and review any urgent items that came up while I was asleep. If there’s nothing urgent, I stretch for 15-20 minutes before getting ready for the workday.

Bottle of beauty oil from Le Prunier

What’s your morning skincare routine?

A: Minimal! Wash my face with a gentle cleanser, apply Plum Beauty Oil and SPF. These days I’m not wearing much makeup at all so I usually go pretty fresh-faced throughout the day. Always SPF though! 

J: Cleanse, moisturize using Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil, followed by SPF. 

E: I wash my face in the morning with a gentle cleanser since I have sensitive skin. If I’m working from home, I always apply Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil for a base of moisture. Then, I apply SPF and a little bit of concealer under my eyes in case I have a video conference. If I leave the house, I’ll apply my ILIA foundation on top of my SPF with a bit of concealer under the eyes, and a touch of blush to add some color. 

Do you wear makeup? What’s your #1 go-to makeup product?

A: I do on occasion. I keep it pretty simple though. I love the Kosas blush/highlighter compact in Velvet Melon. It’s the perfect amount of shine with a creamy pop of color. Also, love mascara. 

J: Typically, I do not. However, I love using peppermint chapstick both morning and night, and an eyelash curler when I’m going out. 

E: My makeup routine is very minimal, especially now that I work from home. I can’t go without our Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil to moisturize my skin and my Nars concealer, which helps brighten up my eyes. 

Plum and bottle of plum beauty oil from le prunier

What’s your typical breakfast?

A: I’m such a fan of breakfast… it’s my favorite. If I have a busy day ahead, I like to start with eggs, bacon, orange juice and gluten-free toast. Some days I keep it easy with avocado toast or peanut butter with Manuka honey—so good! 

J: I always have kombucha by Marin Kombucha —it tastes delicious and I enjoy supporting other local businesses. I will also always have lemon or passionfruit yogurt. 

E: I’m not a fan of traditional breakfast items. I do drink miso soup most mornings and add various vegetables into the soup. I studied in Asia when I was younger and realized how much I love this as a morning meal. 

Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

A: Both, just depends! I love chamomile or mint tea in the evenings and an iced almond latte is my go-to order during the day.

J: Both! I love traditional green tea, but on occasion will have a coffee. I try not to make a habit of it though. 

E: Tea! Green tea and oolong tea all the way. 

What’s your exercise routine?

A: I grew up playing tons of sports so I love being active. Living in Los Angeles is amazing because you have access to so much nature nearby. These days I’m usually going for a run along the beach, hiking in Malibu or playing tennis. 

J: Pre-COVID, I would work out with a trainer 2-3x a week, which I loved doing. I really miss my workout sessions and look forward to beginning them hopefully sometime soon! In the meantime, I’ve been going on long walks. 

E: I’m visiting Wyoming for this winter with my husband and we’ve been snowshoeing most weekends, which is a blast and the scenery around the Tetons is stunning. I’m also learning how to cross country ski and it’s a great workout, especially if you’re new at the sport.

Can you share your playlist?

A: Anyone that knows me knows I’m constantly listening to music and always have it playing in the background. My Spotify playlists are never-ending. ☺ 

J: I’m currently listening to Client Liaison, an indie band out of Australia. 

E: Yes! I still love listening to our wedding playlists.

What natural deodorant works for you?

A: Kopari sent me their deodorant when we partnered on a giveaway a while back and I actually fell in love with it. It smells amazing and works really well for me. 

J: AER Lavender Myrrh.

Favorite podcast(s)?

A: How I Built This, Second Life, Hidden Brain, Goop, Expanded w/ Lacy Philips. Broken Record w/ Rick Rubin and Othertone. I love learning from other entrepreneurs and creatives. 

Half plum on nude background

What’s a book that’s rocked your world?

A: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. My Dad always told me “there’s no such thing as an overnight success” and this story really drove that concept home. As an entrepreneur, you have to lead without fear and have a ton of persistence. It was such a fascinating story learning about the ups and down of what ultimately became an iconic brand.  

J: I’m currently reading Branded Beauty—it’s a fascinating read. 

What’s been the hardest part about entrepreneurship?

A: There’s a lot of sacrifice. You dedicate your days to an idea and work tirelessly to make sure it succeeds. It’s incredibly rewarding though.  

J: There is no such thing as a weekend! My sisters and I work non-stop around the clock.

E: The work-life balance is a constant struggle that I continually work to get better at. 

Favorite health resource(/IG/blog/pod)? 

A: MindBodyGreen or Goop.  

J: IG! I have a long list of healthy recipes I’m always discovering. 

E: My best friend Megan, actually. She is a terrific registered dietician and I always seek out advice from her.

Favorite or go-to healthy dinner recipe? 

A: Love to cook. The Italian in me loves pasta but if I’m cooking healthy, it’s a piece of salmon and a yummy kale caesar salad. 

J: Caprese salad. It’s quick, easy and delicious. 

E: I’m a big fan of salads, especially a kale Caesar salad. I love to pair my salads with protein and to add in variety and for sweetness, I toss in dried fruits or nuts.

What’s one product that everyone needs to try? 

A: Our next product launch coming out this summer!! ☺ 

J: Tea tree body wash. It’s what wakes me up every morning! 

E: I purchased a foot massager for my sister last year after she had her first baby and it was such a big hit that I continue to gift my loved ones and friends this device. Everyone raves about it! 

What’s your evening skincare routine? 

A: Wash face with Alpyn Beauty Cleanser, apply Dr. Dennis Gross Retinol Serum or a hyaluronic acid serum, apply Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil (sometimes I’ll use a jade roller to further penetrate the oil) as a final step, then eye cream before bed. I also love my NuFace microcurrent device. I’ll use that a few nights during the week and it really tightens and firms. 

J: Cleanse, exfoliate with pumpkin enzyme mask, followed by SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic before bedtime.

Plum seed and oil

Do you have a favorite skincare ingredient? 

A: Plum oil, of course! It’s so multi-functional, it’s truly all you need for your skin concerns. 

J: Our Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil! I use this every morning religiously. It’s versatile and leaves my skin feeling supple after a long day of work. 

What’s on your nightstand? 

A: Books and candles. 

J: A picture of my husband and I on our wedding day and photo of my son Samuel. 

E: My Kindle and a lovely scented candle by 17 & Orchard. 

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

A: Pasta & wine.  

J: Sea salt chocolate caramels, a glass of red wine and a long bath!

E: Noodles (any type).

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten or given? 

A: “Find your true north and follow it,” and “a good day is a gift.” I truly believe gratitude is the driving force behind so much in my life. 

J: To take care of others, start by taking care of yourself first.

E: Trust your instincts.

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