Browse This Gallery of Gray Hair Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Ages 25-75

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We already know there are MANY ways to go gray. But if you are looking for the quickest way to grow out your gray, you might want to consider a pixie cut. Browse this pixie haircut gallery for pixie cut inspo at any age.

a hairstylist cuts the hair of a woman in a chair
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.

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By: Lisa Fennessy


Depending on your hair type, a pixie can take you across the gray hair finish line in as little as a few months.  

I considered getting a pixie when I first started growing my hair, but fortunately / unfortunately someone close to me commented that I should just do “one thing at a time”—and I listened to them. I say fortunately because I really did enjoy the experience of growing out my hair and watching the demarcation line move down past my ears, cheeks, chin and finally to my upper neck where I cut a super cute bob to celebrate crossing the finish line. I say unfortunately because if I was ever going to try a pixie in my lifetime, that was the moment, and I let someone talk me out of it. 

But peer pressure is not the only thing that can hold us back from trying a pixie. There is also the consideration of face shape, hair thickness, confidence, feeling too young, feeling too old, access to a skilled hairdresser…I mean, the list goes on and on. These are all real and valid considerations, but I want to add a little perspective by zooming in on one of them today: age. 

You are never too old and never too young to rock a pixie haircut. And to prove it, we’ve gathered up some GORGEOUS inspo from our private Facebook group The Gray Book and around the web to show you just how good a pixie can look at any age. (I do have one thing to tell anyone going gray about before we get to the pixie hairstyles, so keep reading.)

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Best styling product for gray hair

Woman with gray long hair holding heat protectant for hair

But first thing’s first. If you’re going gray, chances are you noticed a shift in the texture of your hair. Some of the women in our private Facebook group say going gray added more texture; some say it made their hair coarser; others say how much drier their locks are now that they’ve got silver, gray or white highlights.

One thing is for sure, across the board: Gray hair is more susceptible to turning yellow or brassy over time.

Jenn Jones, master colorist and owner of Creature Studio in Atlanta explains, “Light colored hair like shades of blonde and gray are more susceptible to becoming discolored due to a number of factors like heat styling, medications, product buildup, sun, salt, chlorine and environmental pollutants.”

And she’s right. In fact, UV and heat are the biggest discoloring factors. Research has demonstrated UV turns proteins in hair yellow. Melanin in hair normally prevents hair from yellowing but gray and silver hair have little to no melanin content to prevent this.

One way to combat this is by using a heat + UV protectant to help stop the yellowing/brassiness before it starts. I’ve tried several heat protectants in my lifetime and I’ve landed on EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm as my all-time fave. Here’s why. 

This is a water-based treatment that’s like adding nothing, but it’s like adding everything. Check it out: EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm defrizzes, adds moisture, softness, shine, strength, prevents breakage, splitting AND provides UV and heat protection. I know. I KNOW!

I add a dollop of this to my hair before every blow dry and it leaves my hair super shiny and wicked soft.

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Gray hair pixie cut hairstyles: 40 & under

woman with gray hair looks at the camera
Photo courtesy of Ursula via Instagram
a woman smiles at the camera showing her pixie cut with a headband
Photo courtesy of Monika Pashur
a woman with a gray hair pixie cut turns to the camera
Photo courtesy of Anjana via Pinterest
four photo collae of woman with gray pixie and purple highlights
Photo courtesy of nothingbutpixies via Instagram
a woman with short gray hair and pink lipstick looks into the camera
Photo courtesy of Katie Martin via Instagram

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Gray hair pixie cut hairstyles: 40-50

a woman in a blue top with a gray pixie cut stands in front of a gray sided wall
Photo courtesy of Lauren Byrer
a woman tugs at her ear while behind her are books stacked on a shelf
Photo courtesy of Mayura Subhedar
a woman in a blue jacket wearing pink lipstick smiles at the camera
Photo courtesy of Krisa Lindquist-Lammers
a woman with red earrings and lipstick looks at the camera smiling
Photo courtesy of Nina via Instagram
a woman in glasses with pink lipstick sits in her car and smiles at the camera
Photo courtesy of Gina Dixon
a woman wearing a gray cardigan and necklace smiles
Photo courtesy of Leslie Barkley
a woman wearing red lipstick and post earrings looks at the camera
Photo courtesy of Katya Campos via Instagram

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Gray hair pixie cut hairstyles: 50+

a woman in a blue hoodie sits in her car with a dog
Photo courtesy of Lauren Watson
a woman wearing spaghetti straps looks off to the side
Photo courtesy of Luisa Dunn via Instagram
a woman wearing glasses with small silver earrings looks into the camera
Photo courtesy of Zhada Robertson
a woman wearing a blouse that ties at the neck looks off to the side
Photo courtesy of Pinterest
a woman with brown eyes and hoop earrings smiles at the camera
Photo courtesy of Ellen Lacovara Eckblad
a woman wearing glasses and earrings smiles into the camera
Photo courtesy of blackgirlpixes via Instagram
side by side photos of a woman before and after a haircut
Photo courtesy of Kimber Begano
a woman looks off to the side while wearing a rose pink velvety top
Photo courtesy of Zhabrova_Hair via Instagram
woman with short gray hair and red lipstick looks off to the side
Photo courtesy of Pinterest
a woman with spiky gray hair and black glasses looks into the camera
Photo courtesy of Cynthia via Instagram
a woman with short gray hair and pearl earrings stands in front of a piano
Photo courtesy of Petra via Instagram
woman in a floral shirt and gold hoop earrings looks towards the camera
Photo courtesy of Laureen via Instagram

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