A Stay at Hotel Domestique and dinner at Restaurant 17

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hotel domestique courtyard view

We arrived in the pitch black on a January winter night and were greeted with a warm, “Welcome to Hotel Domestique! Can we offer you some bubbles?” And simultaneously, my YES PLEASE was trumped by my husband’s, “Oooo, boys! You want some bubbles?!” And I’m like babe, not those kind of bubbles. And we giggled and toasted to the weekend…with champagne…not soap.

hotel domestique lobby view
Hotel Domestique lobby with views of the South Carolina mountains.

Hotel Domestique is set in the mountains of South Carolina about 30 minutes from Greenville, a quaint town which boasts the world’s only pedestrian suspension bridge and about 15 minutes from Traveler’s Rest, a quiet little community put on the map as a respite for weary travelers back in the day. It’s also about a 45 minute hop, skip and a jump to the south’s beloved Asheville, SC and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

hotel domestique morning courtyard
Hotel Domestique courtyard and mountain views.

I was originally drawn to this 13 guest-room boutique hotel for one reason; Restaurant 17. Restaurant 17 is the hotel’s one and only restaurant/cafe/bar and prides itself in sourcing almost 100% from local farms and streams to showcase local ingredients and regional fare. These farms include:

hotel domestique restaurant 17
Hotel Domestique’s Restaurant 17

So when Hotel Domestique offered to host me and my family for the weekend, there was really only one thing to say; YES!

Restaurant 17 offers a full bar pouring up wines from around the world as well as several local craft beers. Their menu changes on a dime to reflect the seasons – locals might not know what they are going to get night to night but they do know it’s going to be locally sourced and prepared to the nines. Check out the four course, gluten free menu sous-chef Michael prepared for me and Jason for dinner on Saturday night. (P.S. I called ahead to let them know it was Jason’s birthday – how cute is this!?)

Restaurant GF tasting menu
A specially prepared (gluten free) tasting menu for me and Jason!
restaurant 17 tasting menu example 1
Course 1: Preserved Ramp & Goat Cheese Agnolotti Chevre, House Pickled Ramps, Chestnut Pasta, Onion Broth (This one was our favorite!)
Restaurant 17 tasting menu
Course 2: Charleston Ice Cream – Carolina Gold Rice, Broken Oak Farm Vegetables and Bradford Collards
Restaurant 17 tasting menu
Course 3: Trail Place Farms Bone in grass fed, grass finished Ribeye, Truffle Demi, Purple Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Onion and Mushrooms
restaurant 17 tasting menu example 2
Course 4: Buttermilk Panna Cotta Vanilla Chantilly, Satsuma Marmalade
Restaurant 17 grilled cheese

Chef had no problem whipping up a grilled cheese for Quinn, a grassfed cheeseburger for Cole and a bowl of house-made butter noodles for them to share.

Some cool perks…

We didn’t quite know what to expect from the hotel but there were some really cool perks that stood out to the both of us…

hotel domestique bmw
One of Hotel Domestique’s BMW’s for guest use.

Hotel Domestique has three BMW’s available for guest use. One word; BALLIN! We took this one (above) out on Saturday to drive the family to Travelers Rest so we could rent bikes and hit up the area’s famous Swamp Rabbit Trail. I have to say, we’ve stayed at some nice places but this was a first for us.

Biking the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Traveler’s Rest
Hotel Domestique’s helicopter pad is available for use.

P.S. Hotel Domestique is also fully equipped with a helicopter pad. Figures our chopper was in the shop this past weekend…..ha ha! I asked them if it gets used often and they said, it almost got used once by a famous cyclist but when his helicopter went to touch down it would have blown over the event’s portable restrooms so it had to land on the adjacent hill instead. Anyways, FYI it’s there if you need it.

hotel domestique pelatons
Hotel Domestique has two Peloton’s for guest use.

One of Jason’s favorite perks was a set of Pelotons. Available anytime for guest use. He was all over this. You also see a massage table here and the hotel can arrange a massage and/or a 1:1 yoga class for guests either in-room or in this studio.

hotel domestique courtyard 4
If we were playing Clue I would be busted: Lisa, in the courtyard with a glass of Rosé

One of my favorite perks was a warm fire in almost every room and the hospitality nook offering complimentary trail mix, water, coffee and WINE all day.

hotel domestique local breakfast
Made to order breakfast is included with guest’s stay.

One of the kid’s favorite perks was the fried french toast with whipped cream and strawberries for breakfast. Made-to-order breakfast is included with the stay. I got this local omelette with carrots, mushrooms and arugula on first morning. The second morning we hit up brunch at Caviar + Bananas in Greenville on our way out.

hotel domestique bedroom
The beds are firm and comfy and the pillows are fantastic.
No need to BYOP. (We do that!)

My family of 4 is rarely comfortable in a standard double queen hotel room. But these guest rooms are oversized and easily fit all of us comfortably. (We also brought a blowup for the kids which is a new move we are loving!)

hotel domestique bathroom 2
All rooms have over-sized showers (no tubs).

All the doors to unoccupied rooms are left open so guests can explore. It really felt like more of a big house rather than a hotel. My kids loved riding their hover-board up and down the halls.

HOTEL DOMESTIQUE courtyard at night
The courtyard at night.

One of my favorite things about saying in hotels is turn-down service. Who’s with me!? I’ve always loved it but even more so now that we travel with kids. My kids only need 5 minutes to turn a kept room into a hot mess. And a gluten free sweet treat aside a tidied bed at the end of the night kind of erases all of that. Put it this way; Lady Sybil, Lady Mary, Lady Edith and Lady Lisa…Downton Abbey writers missed a huge opportunity here… HUGE.

hotel domestique pool
Hotel Domestique outdoor seasonal salt water pool.

The hotel’s salt water pool is only open seasonally unfortunately – this would have kept my kids busy all day! But Hotel Domestique has a partnership with a local wellness center about 10 minutes away where you can swim and use the facility for a nominal fee. They can also reserve a tennis court and/or a tee time at The Cliffs Communities.

hotel domestique firepit 2
Fire pit daytime feels…
Fire pit nighttime feels…

On the way home, Jason turned to me and said, what did you think, would you recommend staying at Hotel Domestique? A legit question but it would depend on who was asking. It’s located in a pretty remote area with not a lot to do in the immediate vicinity. No walking trails and bikes require main road navigation and the closest restaurant outside of Restaurant 17 is in Travelers Rest about 15 minutes away. But that being said it’s perfect for the couple who is looking for a quick, quiet getaway, a girls weekend (being only 13 rooms, you could potentially rent out the whole place), a wedding reception, corporate events and the hotel does a lot of business with the cycling world too.

hotel domestique breakfast
Restaurant 17

The restaurant though is a treat for anyone who lives in the area or for those passing through. I love that Restaurant 17 goes above and beyond to keep everything as local as possible. And that house-made chestnut flour pasta though! Definitely worth a stop.

hotel domestique lobby views
A warm lobby with beautiful views of the mountains.

And, not to go unnoticed, the hotel’s service is incredible. We pulled up late on Friday to the front door and didn’t move our car until Sunday when we left – talk about easy! Sounds like such a minor detail but when you’re traveling with kids, this is huge. The staff also helped us carry everything to our room and they were available 24/7 for any need or inkling.

hotel domestique front desk
Pro bike stands for these little speedsters.

The boy’s bikes were stored at the front desk on professional stands and Chad, the bide fitter, even offered to adjust Cole’s brake grip to fit his smaller hands.

We even got a call the day before our arrival to help iron out any last minute travel plans, restaurant bookings and special accommodations/requests.

Jason said this was one of his best birthdays yet. Have you been?

xo, lisa in cursive

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By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    I purchased a gift card for a night’s stay at this hotel for my husband’s birthday. He is an avid cyclist & loves climbing hills. Thanks for the review!

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      Awesome girl, he is going to LOVE IT! Happy birthday to him!

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    You just planned our 10 year anniversary this June! Lombarde room is booked….thank you for posting about your trip! This is a perfect distance from Charleston.
    Looking forward to a gluten-free getaway! 😉

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      Amazing Wendi! Have the best time and be sure to tell them you are celebrating your 10 year! Let us know how you end up liking it. We also grabbed dinner at The Anchorage in West Greenville one night and it was really good – got their 5 course tasting menu and chef accommodated it to be 100% gluten free for me and my hubs!

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    Wonderful, thank you Lisa! Our plan was to explor Greenville one day since we’ve never been. Knowing a restaurant can accommodate gf needs makes it all the more enjoyable!

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    troughton jill

    wow, I would really love to visit this place. I want to discover this place it’s like a dream food and now your blog has really motivated to do so. Thank you

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      Yes! If you go, ENJOY!!!

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