Maya Chia Super Naked Face Oil: Product Pros & Cons

September 2, 2022 (updated February 2, 2023) — Written by

Searching for the best face oil? We think we may have found a contender in Maya Chia’s NEW NEW SUPER NAKED Face Oil. We’ve been testing it for more than a month, and we’ve got a full breakdown of our review + experience using the plum + chia seed oil blend. Let’s go!

a woman holds up a bottle of maya chia super naked face oil

By: Lisa Fennessy


Ever since Le Prunier rocked the beauty world with the debut of their Plum Beauty Oil, I’ve been 100% obsessed with plum oil. Have you? Well, we are not the only ones. Users and brands alike have been honing in on plum oil and for good reason: it works. 

The latest? Maya Chia launches SUPER NAKED. A plum-chia-astaxanthin-squalane face oil that is *chef’s kiss* perfection. (Think plum oil but on skincare roids.)

If you want to know more…we’ve been testing this oil for the past few weeks and I think the best way to describe it is in three takes.

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a woman holds up a bottle and dropper of maya chia super naked face oil

Maya Chia SUPER NAKED review in 3 takes

TAKE 1️⃣: The initial experience

👉The first thing you will notice straight out of the box is the SUPER NAKED branding / artwork is a departure from Maya Chia’s typical dark miron glass containers. It’s housed in a clear bottle with an outer designed by my friend Jessica Durrant (a fellow Atlantan and artist who has done work for Jimmy Choo, Spanx, Saks, Tiffany Co., Mrs. Maisel and so much more—follow her!).

👉Next you will notice the color. This oil is a bright orangey-red-pinky-coral thanks to the addition of astaxanthin. More on that in a min.

👉Next you will notice the scent—like sweet candied plums. 🤤

👉And then the consistency—a lightweight oil with a beautiful slip and a silky texture.

TAKE 2️⃣: How it makes my skin feel

Some moisturizers initially make my skin feel good, but as the day goes on, I’m left wanting more. SUPER NAKED is pretty much the opposite of that. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day long.

If I had to describe this all day feeling up in a few words it would be: plump, moisturized and glowing.

*I always layer my face oils over a serum for added hydration. Right now I’m using and loving True Botanicals’ Renew Chebula Active Serum.

TAKE 3️⃣: The long game (aka the stellar ingredients)

I’ve only been using this for a few weeks, but IMAGINE what these four ingredients could do in your daily routine. Let’s take a peek at what each of them bring to the table.

🏆Plum oil

  • Plum oil protects from free radicals that can damage cells and lead to signs of aging (1).
  • Plum oil stops the enzymes that break down skin following excessive UV exposure (something retinol also does) (2).
  • Plum oil evens skin tone with its unique antioxidant and fatty acid profile including B-carotene, Omega 6 and octadecenedioic acid (3).
  • Plum oil improves hyperpigmentation (4).
  • Plum oil is rich in powerful polyphenols which can help reverse the signs of aging like sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles (5).
  • Plum oil is a natural sunscreen booster as plum’s antioxidants rutin, B-carotene and vitamin E are photoprotective (6).
  • This plum oil is certified organic and COSMOS approved (the French farm from where it comes is COSMOS approved).


  • Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that fights wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.
  • Some accounts say astaxanthin is 65x stronger than vitamin C in combating free radicals.
  • It increases skin moisture levels (7) and
  • reduces visible signs of UV-aging (8).
  • It also naturally protects against UV rays (9) and
  • against hyperpigmentation.

🏆Supercritical Chia Seed Oil

  • Chia seed oil is a very effective moisturizer and
  • can help improve skin barrier function (10).
  • It’s chock-full of omega fatty acids, antioxidants and essential minerals (11).
  • The Nutritional Science Research Institute tested the nutritional value of chia seed and said it contains “the highest number of antioxidants we have ever measured,” which help protect against oxidative damage, UV radiation and pollution.
  • While this ingredient isn’t certified organic, the farm where MC gets it doesn’t use pesticides.

🏆Squalane (derived from plant sugar)

  • A natural antioxidant and moisturizer that can reduce scars, reverse UV damage, lighten freckles and erase skin pigmentation, all while fighting free radicals (12).
  • This specific squalane is Ecocert / COSMOS approved, which has been clinically proven to reduce trans epidermal water loss and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 51% during 28 days.

And that’s it but also THAT’S IT! This face oil only has four ingredients but as you can see it’s packed with plant power.

Our experience with Maya Chia SUPER NAKED Face Oil

The bottom line on this new drop: plump, moisturized and glowing skin. But let us let you in on our complete experience…

Lisa | 44, normal / aging skin

I am personally OBSESSED with plum seed oil. My two favorite things about it are 👉the scent👈 and how plump it makes my skin feel. So you can imagine how I had to pick my chin up off the floor when I saw Maya Chia was releasing their own ethically sourced plum oil amplified with astaxanthin, chia seed oil and squalane??!!! YES PLEASE.  

(It’s like hiring Joey McIntyre for your private event but Jordan, Donnie and Danny show up too 😜.)

And it delivers. It’s lovely to use, makes my skin feel great and leaves me with that all day *healthy skin* glow. Freggin love it.

Nicolle | 35, sensitive skin

I haven’t had as much experience with plum oil as Lisa has and the OG plum oil was just fine for me (I didn’t feel like it was something to write home about). BUT, I’ve since changed my tune because this Maya Chia version is SO GOOD for sensitive skin.

I’m always shocked when a super active, gorgeously crafted, potent formula works for my reactive skin—and the latest from MC falls into the category of (also) picking my chin up off the floor. I’m in looooove with how soothing it is. I mean, chia seed oil is great for inflammation and irritation (10), and so is plum seed oil (13), so duh. Also, fewer ingredients usually means happier sensitive skin.

I’m officially a plum seed oil convert!

a close up of a bottle and dropper of maya chia super naked face oil in a woman's hands

Maya Chia SUPER NAKED Plum + Chia Seed Oil pros and cons

Here’s a quick peek at what we like and what we don’t…


  • You can use this as your morning and evening moisturizer
  • Or use as a booster to amp up your fave moisturizer
  • Contains four plant-powered ingredients only
  • Smells insane
  • Works
  • Leaves skin feeling moisturized and silky all day
  • Natural, organic and / or wildcrafted ingredients
  • Fragrance and essential oil free
  • Leaping Bunny Certified
  • A good fit for all skin types…
  • Even good for sensitive skin


  • Need to apply to damp skin to retain maximum hydration
  • It’s $70, which is not cheap
  • Only available at

Reader reviews for SUPER NAKED Face Oil

a screenshot of a reader raving about the new maya chia super naked face oil


In true TNK reader fashion, you BROUGHT IT with the questions. Here are some FAQs that came through…

Q: How does it feel on your skin?

A: This is a light-weight oil serum. It has a nice slip to it so it’s very easy to spread. And it leaves skin feeling silky.

Q: What does it smell like?

A: It smells like plum oil—rich, sweet and decadent. 

Q: Are you using this at night before bed or morning before makeup?

A: You can use this morning or night. It’s great for the day because it helps protect skin against free radical damage and UV exposure. But it’s also great at night because it’s moisturizing and reparative too. 

Q: When do I use this in my skincare routine? 

A: Try using this as your moisturizer—or you can also play with adding a few drops as a booster to your favorite moisturizer. 

Q: How long does this bottle last?

A: If you use it once a day, two to three months. If you use it twice a day, about two months.

Q: Is there anything this best face oil CAN’T do?

We don’t know. You can use it on your hair too, lol.

Q: When does it expire?

A: 12 months once it’s opened; 18 months unopened.

Q: Is it good for any skin type?

A: Yes! This SUPER NAKED is good for any skin type including aging / mature skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. 

Q: My skin is super dry, will it help with that?

A: Yes! chia seed oil and plum seed oil are wonderful moisturizers. However, this IS an oil serum meaning it does not contain any “hydration” or water-based ingredients so (like with all face oils) you will need to apply a hydrating serum first. Right now I am using True Botanicals’ Renew Chebula Active Serum which is so good too. 

Q: Should I wear a serum or anything underneath?

A: Yes! For best results, I recommend: 

  1. Cleanse skin
  2. Apply a mist
  3. Apply a serum
  4. Apply SUPER NAKED 
  5. Sunscreen* (optional) 

Q: Can I return it if I don’t like it? 

A: Always! Maya Chia takes returns up to 30 days after purchase. 

Happy to answer any more questions! Have you tried this NEW NEW yet?

xo, lisa in cursive

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Maya Chia SUPER NAKED Plum + Chia Seed Oil
  • Price
  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness


Maya Chia’s SUPER NAKED Face Oil, which is a plum + chia seed oil blend, delivers plump, moisturized and glowing skin.



  • You can use this as your morning and evening moisturizer
  • Or use as a booster to amp up your fave moisturizer
  • Contains four plant-powered ingredients only
  • Smells insane
  • Works
  • Leaves skin feeling moisturized and silky all day
  • Natural, organic and / or wildcrafted ingredients
  • Fragrance and essential oil free
  • Leaping Bunny Certified
  • A good fit for all skin types…
  • Even good for sensitive skin


  • Need to apply to damp skin to retain maximum hydration
  • It’s $70 which is not cheap
  • Only available at

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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