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If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I’m a HUGE fan of the OLIO E OSSO Balms. Like, I’m kinda obsessed. These are a lip and cheek balm and they currently come in 15 shades and are basically the modern-day woman’s fountain of youth.

OLIO E OSSO Balms swatches on both arms all 15 shades

Also, they happen to be one of two blushes I recommend for mature skin. So, needless to say, when OLIO E OSSO reached out and asked if they could send me their entire line plus some new releases, you know I jumped right on that! They also asked me if I wanted a code for my readers so you know I jumped on that too! I’m here for you girl!

A couple things about OLIO E OSSO that I want to highlight before we jump in.

First, the entire line except for the Finishing Oil is free of Vitamin E. “Vitamin E is normally provided to the skin through the sebum and it can play an important role in photo protection, preventing UV-induced free radical damage to the skin and it may also act as an anti-inflammatory. But some forms of vitamin E, especially ester conjugates, have led to adverse reactions in the skin, including allergic contact dermatitis and  erythema.” And so for those who can not use Vitamin E topically, OLIO E OSSO has been nothing short of a holy grail.

Second, OLIO E OSSO uses 100% synthetic micas to pigment their products. In 2016, Terre des Hommes, a Switzerland-based, nongovernmental organization published Beauty and a Beast; Child Labour in Mica Mining in India for Sparkling Cars and Cosmetics estimating there are about 20,000 children working mica mines in India, where a quarter of the world’s mica supply is extracted. And new research shows that child labor is used in more mica mining countries and industries around the world.

OLIO E OSSO body oil packaging

Heather Flynn, OLIO E OSSO’s Special Projects Coordinator explains the initiative behind transitioning the entire line to synthetic mica. “Olio E Osso is working to replace the natural mica in our products with a synthetic version that is synthesized in a lab. This decision was made after our founder/maker, Paola LaMorticella was unable to find a supplier willing to certify that the mica we were receiving was not involved with child labor.  By using a synthetic mica, we are able to have greater control and consistency in our mica supply chain. At this time natural mica can only be found in our No. 6 balm and it will be phased out in the near future.”

OLIO E OSSO founder Paola LaMorticella explains how the mica is synthesized. “It’s magnesium mineral sheets bound with potassium to create the mica partials. It’s synthetic because it’s man made or man built out of naturally occurring components. It closely mimics natural mica BUT doesn’t have the ethical supply chain concerns and has a more rounded feel.

Maybe at this point you are asking, why doesn’t everyone just switch to synthetic mica? Tiila Abbit, founder of Ä€ether Beauty explains, “First, synthetic mica is much more expensive than natural mica and second, the visual effect is different. When you are trying to switch out natural for synthetic in an existing product, it can take some time and experimentation to get it exact.”

The third thing I want to highlight about the OLIO E OSSO line is their products are formulated for MULTI USE: lip, cheeks and eyes. For example, I love using their Balms on both my cheeks and lips and most recently I am loving their new lipsticks (not yet released!) on both my cheeks and lips….I need to try them on my eyes too!

applying the OLIO E OSSO line looking in the mirror

Next, and what really drew me in from the beginning is that OLIO E OSSO’s entire line is formulated without water and therefore doesn’t require a preservative. Now don’t get me wrong. I love a good preservative for a formula that needs one like a water-based lotion or face cream but be-still-my-heart with a formula that performs like a boss and doesn’t need one at all. That’s OILO YO!

What’s new? Crema Lipsticks

holding three lipsticks, one with the top open

Okay, let’s get into the new releases, shall we!? Check out OLIO’s brand new Crema Lipsticks. OBSESSED. These are high coverage, high pigment, natural finish balms. They can take a bit of elbow grease to warm up and transfer but when they do it’s like, I do my hair toss, check my nails, baby how you feelin’? Feelin’ good as h*ll! (Lizzo? Anyone?) Anyways, these wear more matte/natural and are super pigmented. Pretty much the opposite of their high gloss/sheer Balms. These come in three shades; Rubino, Marrone and I personally can’t get away from the shade IBISCO. Color of the year right here! Love these on both my cheeks and my lips. Check them out applied.

profile shot of applying crema lipstick looking in the mirror

The Crema Lipsticks are long wearing with a hint of citrus-mint (love). They wear super light and are surprisingly moisturizing. These call on the power of olive oil as a natural humectant, shea nut to moisturize/nourish and beeswax to protect and seal in all the goodness.

Also super buildable so you can wear these as a wash of color or build it up for a bold, opaque look.

selfie of me wearing Valencia
selfie wearing a bright lipstick
selfie of me wearing a darker shade lipstick
Crema Lipstick in Marrone
selfie of me wearing a purple-ish lipstick
Crema Lipstick in Ibisco
selfie of me wearing a dark pinky magenta red-ish lipstick
Crema Lipstick in Rubino

Also new: Lip Sheens

The new Lucente Lip Sheens are an ultra-emollient olive oil-based lip gloss. They are formulated with olive and shea nut to moisturize and nourish as well as a dash of citris-mint to cool and uplift. And they come in four shades: Opalina, Rosa Rosa, Vero Rosso and Ambra. All of them have a subtle shimmer to them – even Opalina which is their clear.

OLIO E OSSO Lip Sheen in Ambra applied
OLIO E OSSO Lip Sheen in Ambra

I am personally loving Ambra which sits almost brown in the tube but applied it’s a beautiful cornucopia of all shades brown, amber, orange, earth tones. Don’t you agree?!

OLIO E OSSO Lip Sheen in Rosa Rosa
OLIO E OSSO Lip Sheen in Vero Rosso applied
OLIO E OSSO Lip Sheen in Vero Rosso
OLIO E OSSO Lip Sheen in Opalina applied
OLIO E OSSO Lip Sheen in Opalina

And here is their latest shade in Monarca released in February 2020…

Olio eo osso lip sheen in monarca applied
Lip Sheen in Monarca

More on OLIO E OSSO…

Founder Paola Lamorticella had a similar introduction in to the world of clean beauty as I did. Prescriptions and over-the-counter creams were irritating her infant son’s skin and she decided to do something about it. As a makeup artist and stylist with over 25 years of experience in the international film and commercial industry, she created her own balm to sooth her son’s skin. She used a combination of simple, nourishing ingredients – eliminating anything non-essential – and this resulted in Balm No. 1. (Which let me tell you, smells a lot better than the tallow balm I was mixing up in my kitchen for my son, Quinn 5 years ago.)


Where do I even begin. I have so much love for these Balms! I get compliments all the time on how good my foundation looks but guys, I’m telling you. It’s not my foundation, (well, it is a little) it’s mostly the OLIO E OSSO Balms! These are a barely there tinted balm that provide a pinch of color and a whole lot of life.

OLIO E OSSO Balms held in one hand

As we age, our skin gets worse at retaining moisture. That’s just a fact. The result of this can be that our skin looks dry, crapy crape-y, lackluster. A simple beauty hack? Apply luster and moisture! One swipe of these Balms and you will see what I mean.

I have all 15 and my favorite shades are No. 6 Bronze and No. 13 Poppy. I also love No. 1 (clear) for cuticles, dry skin, my son’s cheeks and to layer over my own makeup.

OLIO E OSSO Balm applied
OLIO E OSSO Balm No. 1 applied over my everyday makeup.

Also, OLIO E OSSO is currently working on updating their plastic Balm applicator which we will hopefully see in 2020.

Here are some more of my OLIO E OSSO faves…

Lustero Body Oil

OLIO E OSSO body oil applied

Like I mentioned, OLIO E OSSO sent me their entire line. I thought I knew what to expect but their Lustero Body Oil is knocking my socks off. Let me count the ways:

  • It soaks right in and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.
  • It makes my skin feel soft and smooth.
  • It’s formulated with an uber fine gold mica and adds GEORG life to the skin.
  • It’s a golden umber colored oil that just radiates. And I haven’t even gotten to the scent yet!
  • Rich, warm hints of citrus and earthy spice reminiscent of the best summer evenings. Yeah. It’s really good.
  • Also, love the size too.
OLIO E OSSO body oil bright orange color

It’s formulated with olive as a natural humectant, grapeseed to brighten, bergamot to relieve pain, litseal to relieve stress, patchouli to relieve anxiety and cedarwood to relieve joint pain.

Love this on legs everyday of the week and also on arms, shoulders and neck during the warmer months. OLIO E OSSO is currently working on adding some mixing beads/balls into the bottle to more efficiently reach a uniform consistency. Order me another bottle!

Shower Oil

shower oil on bath in foreground and shaving legs in background

Have you ever tried a shower oil? The concept of shower oil is new to me but I know some people have been using them to shave and wash for years. That being said, I am loving this formula for a couple of reasons.

OLIO E OSSO Shower Oil
My actual shower. I wonder if my husband is using this….

First of all, it comes in plastic which is appropriate for the shower. Let’s keep all of our limbs in tact people! And this specific formula is nutrient dense, light and is formulated to help protect against razor damage. Check it out. It’s made with meadowfoam to protect the skin barrier against nicks and cuts, bergamot to help relieve pain, frankincense to nourish, neroli to enhance mood and tea tree as an antibacterial – all of this in a base of olive which acts as a natural humectant.

I have to say, OLIO E OSSO’s Shower Oil works great as a replacement for shave gel or shaving cream. Leave it in the shower, apply while you are in the shower and shave like you would normally. It totally works and the best part is, your legs feel so smooth and conditioned when you get out!

If you are a bath girl, you can even add it to the bath for all over hydration.

Where is OLIO!?

If you are out and about and want to shop, you can find OLIO E OSSO in the following retailers and countries:


  • LE BON MARCHE – Online and in store exclusivity for France until fall 2020 (exception of MERCI)
  • AILLEA – Online and in stores
  • MECCA – Online and in store exclusivity for Australia and New Zealand 
  • CARBON – Online and our Amazon exclusive retailer (International shipping) 
  • GOOP – Online and select stores
  • CREDO – Online and select stores
  • MADEWELL – Online and select stores
  • NEIMAN MARCUS– Online and select stores


  • UK
  • UAE

Have you tried anything OLIO E OSSO? What’s your fave?

Photos by Monkey & Squirrel

xo, lisa in cursive

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Common questions about OLIO E OSSO:

Are OLIO E OSSO balms good?

Yes. The OLIO E OSSO Balms are formulated for MULTI USE (lips + cheeks). Thy are made with clean and nontoxic ingredients. Check out my fave shades.

Are OLIO E OSSO products 100% natural?

Ninety-nine percent of the OLIO E OSSO products are natural, with the exception of Balm No. 2 that uses 0.05% synthetic colorant.

Are OLIO E OSSO Crema Lipsticks good?

The Crema Lipsticks are long wearing with a hint of citrus-mint (love). They wear super light-weight, are buildable and surprisingly moisturizing.

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