Organic Father’s Day Picks with OSMIA

June 8, 2018 (updated September 8, 2022)

OSMIA organic Father's Day picks

With Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted to bring you guys something that would really take care of the Dads in our lives. I’m not talking about all the extras like talking car keys, the latest drone or a 4 pm tee time. I’m talking about something they really want but would never buy or admit to. Skincare. Read my full recommendations on the best skincare for men here.

Now hear me out. Of course there are some guys out there that are skincare pros but I’m talking about your average Joe. Traditionally, guys aren’t taught how to take care of their skin. I don’t know why but that’s just the way it is. Does that mean they don’t care? NO! They care a ton but either don’t know what to do or don’t want to ask. Somehow it’s seen as something that only women should care about but when we really break it down, guys want balanced, healthy skin, moisturized lips and hydrated limbs too.

So when we hand them a box filled with organic, handmade, clean, simple and effective skincare, it answers so many needs at the same time! Guys don’t have to ask for skincare, what to use, how to get rid of those blemishes or congestion but they will now have a means to get there – like a skincare toolkit! Plus you are taking care of the Dad in your life by gifting him some essentials that will truly help him take care of himself.

So I’ve teamed up with OSMIA to bring you guys just that. If you don’t know OSMIA yet, oh, you MUST! They one of the best when it comes to organic skincare. Their founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco is a former ER doc turned soap maker. She got fed up with treating people’s symptoms and ailments and wanted to make a difference. OSMIA is Dr. Sarah’s own brand of medicine for your skin. Their ingredients are exceptional too – don’t put it past Dr. Sarah to add $500 worth of organic Bulgarian Rose essential oil to a batch of her Milky Rose Soap.

OSMIA organic soap packaging_

So I love OSMIA for men because it’s beautiful but it’s also no frills. Their packaging is gray and simple. Their soaps come wrapped in paper and butchers twine. And their products are recognizable. There’s no steps or oils or special instructions. It’s soap, lotion and lip balm and they don’t require any convincing for Dad to try, use and love.

Dishing on all of my picks here or you can check out the collection at OSMIA here. Buy one, or all, for dear ol’ Dad. Not only are these picks clean and effective, they will truly elevate his experience and take care of his skin.

The The New Knew Father’s Day Collection

Now when I say I worked with OSMIA to bring you this collection, this is what I mean. OSMIA opened up their entire online store to me – I could choose any and everything I wanted to include in this roundup – but I kept it inside the parameters of being simple and effective. And this is it! I’ve personally used all of these and love them. OSMIA was sweet enough to send this entire set to my hubs which I am so excited for him to get, use and love.

Face Care

First and foremost I wanted to bring you guys OSMIA’s Black Clay Facial Soap and Purely Simple Face Cream. Essentially it’s a bar of soap and some cream. Like how easy is that for a Dad to recognize and use. No convincing, no tutorials, no double cleansing NOTHING. Not to mention, the Black Clay Facial Soap is a little miracle. It has almost 800 user reviews on the OSMIA website about how it has totally balanced peoples skin. It’s made with Sulfur-rich mud from the Dead Sea, mineral-packed black clay, botanical oils, and coconut milk to heal, sooth and clean all skin types. He will fall head over heals with this foaming bar – get ready to order replacements!

A couple things to note. OSMIA cures their soaps for 8 weeks which is longer than the industry standard of 6. This makes them harder and more dense so they will last longer but there is still more you can do to ensure it lasts it’s longest. Most people will use this in the shower so take it in with you and then bring it back out. Don’t let it sit in a wet soap dish in the shower. I love OSMIA’s soap saver – it’s silicone so you can throw it in the dishwasher but it also has a hole in the bottom so water doesn’t collect and it’s only a couple of bucks. WORTH IT!

The other thing you can do is cut the bar in slices and use it that way so the rest of the bar stays dry as you work down one slice at a time.

After washing, apply the Purely Simple Face Cream while skin is still damp. This will lock any remaining moisture right in. What I love about this face cream is it’s super light and soaks right in – a real crowd pleaser. It’s also made up of 88.5% organic ingredients. And when traditional lotions use water to emulsify, OSMIA subs aloe vera leaf juice making it that much more healing and nourishing. This lotion also has a light + bright scent profile.


The Lip Doctor is in the house! (Or as I would say, the Lip Doctah!!!) You guys know I’m kinda obsessed with lip balms and this one totally makes the cut. I wrote about all my faves here. This formula is all business. I love the gray simple packaging and no fuss application. Perfect fo’ yo daddy.  It’s also castor oil free and essential oil free – perfect for those with sensitivities. Formulated with a base of olive oil, the lip doctor leaves no lips behind! Nourishing, healing + calming. Buy two because girl, you will be J!


Also wanted to include a good bar of soap. There are two that I like for the Dads out there. Coffee Mint – need I say more!? How about this: spearmint and organic ground coffee. I mean, this combo will knock anyone’s socks off. Because of the coffee it has ground bits in it and it’s textured so it will clean as well as exfoliate. Great for the body, not for the face.

The other bar I recommend for Dads is the Oh So Detox. The Oh So Detox has no scent and is made with charcoal and clay. It’s also smooth and not textured at all. Great for anyone who wants no frills, has sensitive skin or suffers from back congestion. Activated charcoal binds unwanted toxins while black clay replenishes depleted minerals.

Make sure you get the $3 soap saver to go with these!

OSMIA Men's organic skincare

The collection

Black Clay Facial Soap ($24)

Purely Simple Face Cream ($60)

Lip Doctor ($12)

Oh So Detox ($18)

Coffee Mint ($15)

So for a little over $100 you can get Dad his entire routine. A cleanser, moisturizer, lip balm and a killer bar of soap. You can take a look at this collection over at OSMIA here.

Check my Instagram Saturday 6/9 for a chance to win this whole bundle!

P.S. Check out my mens gift guide!

Xo, lisa


By Lisa Fennessy

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