Summer 2024 Nail Color Trends, Ideas and Inspo!

June 15, 2021 (updated June 13, 2024) — Written by

Not a hot take: Summer nails are a THING! Whether you are a nail-art-design girlie, a bold brights girlie or a classic neutrals girlie, we’ve got a 2024 nail trend for you. Keep reading for all our top recs for nontoxic nail polish colors AND exclusive to TNK codes to save!

A woman's hand with painted nails.

By: Nicolle Mackinnon & Claire Molyneaux

Painting my nails is a bit of a vice for me. Well, not so much a vice as a weekly self-care activity (see that reframing? I took a lesson from Lisa). Though I can’t say I’m a profesh when it comes to at-home manicures, I have improved immensely thanks to both the Olive & June clean up brush, and the Dazzle Dry at-home better-than-gel kit

I also use painting my nails as a way to prevent chewing, biting, tearing and peeling my cuticles. It works when I’m not super anxious, and having my nails done makes me feel put together without much effort (seriously, get the Dazzle Dry kit—you can have a smudge-proof mani in less than 20 minutes, I KID YOU NOT…and use it any nail polish color you already own for a nearly-gel effect).

So, I’m always eager to see what trending nail colors come out on top, hence why I’m your guide for summer manicures. Here come the hottest colors, trending designs and more to swipe on your fingers (or toes) right now.

Summer nail ideas for 2024

A woman's hand with mermaid nails.
Mermaid nails courtesy of Claire

Mermaid nails

Mermaidcore is not exactly new, but we’re seeing a huge *wave* of mermaid inspired nails this summer. Easier to do at home than you’d think, get this warm weather version of chrome nails by layering a pink frosted coat over a soft blue or green base.

TNK’s mermaid nail picks

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Coastal Cabana nail polish

Dazzle Dry Coastal Cabana | $22

Olive & June The Mermaid Effect Top Coat | $9

Olive & June Shades of Seersucker | $22

A close up of a hand with green painted nails.
Green nails courtesy of Pinterest

Shades of green nails

Our spring love affair with all things blue is being replaced with fresh green and every shade of it. Anything from muted key lime to bright grassy green goes. We especially love a vintage avocado green inspired by Palm Royale. It somehow works with everything like a neutral but is never boring. It’s one of the most popular nail colors for 2024.

TNK’s shades of green picks

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Pistachio nail polish

Dazzle Dry Pistachio | $22

A bottle of Kure Bazaar Boyfriend nail polish.

Kure Bazaar Boyfriend | $22

Olive & June Bocce Ball Nail Polish

Olive & June Bocce Ball | $9

A close up of a hand with silver painted nails.
Silver nails courtesy of @nailedit_majamandic

Silver nails

We normally see metallics reserved for holiday, but with silver jewelry making a major comeback we’re seeing it creep in elsewhere like shoes and nails for summer. Who would have guessed silver was the perfect summer hue?! 

TNK’s silver picks

Cote Nail polish in molten metal.

Côte No. 110 Molten Metal Nail Polish | $18

A close up of a hand with silver nail polish.

Olive & June OJPAS | $9

a bottle of dazzle dry nail polish.

Dazzle Dry Silver Lamé | $22

A close up of a hand with florals on painted nails.
Floral nails courtesy of @matejanovah

Summer floral nails

We’re not exactly breaking ground here but you can’t do summer without florals. And where better to capture the seasonal trend than unexpectedly on your digits? If you’re an expert level DIYer, try a daisy pattern or abstract wildflower petals. Still working on not getting it on your cuticles? (Us too, this helps.) Pick up a pack of floral nail appliques to get the same look without breaking a sweat. 

TNK’s summer floral nail picks

A close up of a hand with flowers on the nails.

Olive & June Loveliest Day | $7.50

A close up of a hand with painted nails with flowers.

Olive & June Everyday Bouquet | $7.50

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Top Coat.

Dazzle Dry Top Coat | $22

A close up of a hand with mismatched nails.
Mismatched nails courtesy of @thehangedit

Mismatched nails

Can’t commit to one look? Try mismatched nails, first seen on Hailey Beiber last year. Dip your baby toe into this trend by painting each nail a different color or embrace your inner Hailey and experiment with different patterns. To avoid things getting totally chaotic choose a tight color palette or keep some elements the same, like the color saturation (aka all pastels or all brights) or finish (glossy or matte). 

TNK’s mismatched nail picks

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Moon Age

Dazzle Dry Moon Age | $22

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Space Lemon

Dazzle Dry Space Lemon | $22

A bottle of I'll Take Another Spritz by Olive & June

Olive & June I'll Take Another Spritz | $9

A close up of a hand with painted nails.
Glass nails courtesy of @bynatashad

Glass nails

Possibly the easiest trend to capture this season, glass nails are simple and chic. Think, your nails, but better. To get the look, buff nails to a sheen then apply a sheer neutral followed by a glossy topcoat. Craving just a little more drip? Add a pop color dot or micro crystal to the center of each nail with tweezers between coats. Or try these polish free nail ideas.

TNK’s glass nail picks

a bottle of kure bazaar french nude

Kure Bazaar French Nude | $22

A bottle of Olive & June CCT

Olive & June CCT | $9

A bottle of olive & june super glossy top coat

Olive & June Glossy Top Coat | $9

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What summer nail trend will be your go-to?

cursive xo, nic & claire

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By Nicolle Mackinnon

Nicolle Mackinnon is TNK's content manager. She has a penchant for vegan lip color, cold-brew coffee and helping women feel empowered to make informed choices about their health by opening them up to new information and trends. Better, clean beauty is just one outlet to changing the way we shop and live.


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    Hi Lisa, are you doing a kit with your color selections for 2022? Any color trends to watch for this summer?

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      Lisa Fennessy

      Hi Erin! I am not doing a kit with O+J this year BUT we are publishing our summer nails color and trend recs in the next few weeks. Nicolle writes our nail trend posts so stay tuned for that! Thanks for checking in. xo, L

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