Summer Nails: Nail Trends for Summer 2023

June 15, 2021 (updated February 2, 2023) — Written by

Summer nails are a THING! Whether you lean nail-art-design, bold brights or sexy neutrals, 2023 nail trends have an idea for you. Keep reading for all our top recs for nontoxic nail polish colors AND exclusive to TNK codes to save!

A woman's hand with gold rings and lavender nail polish is stretched out over purple flowers.

By: Nicolle Mackinnon


Painting my nails is a bit of a vice for me. Well, not so much a vice as a weekly self-care activity (see that reframing? I took a lesson from Lisa). Though I can’t say I’m a profesh when it comes to at-home manicures, I have improved immensely thanks to both the Olive & June clean up brush, and the Dazzle Dry at-home better-than-gel kit (more in-depth reviews of both can be found here). 

I also use painting my nails as a way to prevent chewing, biting, tearing and peeling my cuticles. It works when I’m not super anxious, and having my nails done makes me feel put together without much effort (seriously, get the Dazzle Dry kit—you can have a smudge-proof mani in less than 20 minutes, I KID YOU NOT…and use it any nail polish color you already own for a nearly-gel effect).

So, I’m always eager to see what new nail trends are around the corner, hence why I’m your guide for summer nail trends. Here come the hottest colors, designs and more to swipe on your fingers (or toes) right now.

“Last year, the trends seemed to focus more on the bolder, more neon colors, with hot pink being one of the colors of Summer 2022,” says Deborah Lippmann, brand founder and celebrity manicurist told Byrdie Beauty. “I think for this summer, we will see more of a shift into the your nails but better look.”

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An close up of a hand with lavender colored painted nails.
Image courtesy of @themaniclub.

Summer nail trends: lavender haze

Who doesn’t like a nail look that evokes the name of a TSwift song? Lavender hues are all over the place this season. Choose anything from a super-pale-almost-white to a bolder, fuchsia-inspired purple.

A woman paints her nails a pastel blue color with her hand resting on a wood table.
Image courtesy of @oliveandjune.

Summer nail trends: pastels + Barbiecore

This season is a *tiny* bit less about neon nails and more about the soft pastels in all the shades, but especially pink. “I think pink nails are trending partially because of the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, being in the red/pink family, and also the Barbie movie coming out this year,” says nail artist Kameron Lange. Hence the additional Barbicore nail trend, which ranges from HOT pink to soft, pastel rose.

A woman's hand rests on a green purse, with glazed neon orange nail polish.
Courtesy of @staceydee.nailartist.

Summer nail trends: glazed neons

Okay, so I know I said neons are kinda out, but what I really meant that they’ve morphed from BOLD NEON to glazed neon. Yep, we’ve combined the glazed donut nail look with the neon trend to get, you guessed it, glazed neon. The easiest way to achieve it? Add a light, shimmery top coat!

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Summer nail trends: fancy French

French manicures have been coming back for at least a year now, but they’re getting an even fancier update with this season’s elevated lewks. Try a double mani; go for a neon or metallic French tip. Basically, if you can dream it, you can do it (or a profesh nail artist can). “It will simply never go out of style. There’s a negative space look, a double tip, and then your colorful tips. This will be as popular as ever because it just flatters both long and short nails. If in doubt, pick French,” says Iram Shelton, pro nail artist in residence at the Bulgari Spa.

A woman shows off her sheer rose nail polish while holding lipgloss.
Image courtesy of @oliveandjune.

Summer nail trends: sheer blush

I mean, everyone saw this coming right? After lipgloss nails and pastels, this is the easiest classic to lean into. Sheer blush goes with anything; it incorporates our obsession with pink; it’s pretty foolproof to apply. Adapted from the Korean ombre blush nails trend that mimics facial blush, it’s also part of that “quiet luxury” trend we’ve all been whispering about. Stock up on nail care and strengthener for this one!

Hailey Bieber shows off her cherry red nails with a car selfie.
Image courtesy of @haileybieber.

Summer nail trends: cherry red

Hailey Bieber does it again, swapping her chrome nails for cherry red, and reminding us that cherry red is ALWAYS in style.

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olive and june strawberris in season jelly polish

Summer nail trends: jelly nails

Remember jelly shoes? Nails are getting that 90s treatment this season: sheer, bold, bright shades you can layer. Olive & June particularly spotted this trend with their late spring collection of Farmer’s Market inspired sheer/jelly hues.

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What’s your go-to summer nails shade?

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Summer nails FAQ

What are the nail trends for summer 2023?

Some of the most popular trends and colors for summer 2023 include: Lavender haze, pastels + Barbiecore, glazed neons, fancy French, sheer blush, cherry red (made popular by Hailey Beiber) and jelly nails. Learn more here.

What are jelly nails?

Remember jelly shoes? Nails are getting that 90s treatment this season: sheer, bold, bright shades you can layer. Olive & June particularly spotted this trend with their late spring collection of Farmer’s Market inspired sheer/jelly hues. Learn more here.

By Nicolle Mackinnon

Nicolle Mackinnon is TNK's content manager. She has a penchant for vegan lip color, cold-brew coffee and helping women feel empowered to make informed choices about their health by opening them up to new information and trends. Better, clean beauty is just one outlet to changing the way we shop and live.


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