Do You Need a  Hair SPF?

Short answer? YES.

Long answer? I wouldn’t call hair SPF a daily necessity but for days when your strands will be exposed to the beating sun for hours on end…it has its perks.

Here's why...

Your hair is made up of 95% keratin protein. When hair is exposed to UV, it breaks down that keratin—specifically the part that gives hair its strength and shine.

Blonde, gray or white-haired? Take note: Lighter and warmer hair colors (including gray hair) are more affected, while darker hair colors are not as affected.

Adding UV protection can help prevent your hair from breaking down keratin—which can mean less fading, less yellowing and overall healthier hair.

So, how can you protect your hair?

Try these UV and heat protectants, all based on botanical extracts.

3 Hair SPFs to Try

#1: EVOLVh Superfinish Polishing Balm

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This defrizzes, adds moisture, softness, shine, strength, prevents breakage, splitting AND provides UV and heat protection. We see sericin, a silk protein, and passionflower extract as the dominant UV protection in this formula.

EVOLVh Superfinish Polishing Balm

#2: Innersense Love Prep Spray

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This product uses baobab seed and rooibos to provide protection against all aggressors including UV and free radicals. And, in addition, we also see galactoarabinan, which is a known SPF booster

Innersense Love Prep Spray

#3: Rahua Rehydration Detangler

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This formula stands out to us because it utilizes the highest-scoring SPF plant extracts, including mango, passionfruit, green tea, and aloe. These are secondary to what Rahua is claiming as their main UV defense barrier: morete (aka buriti) oil.

Rahua Rehydration Detangler

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