10 Black Owned Ethical Skincare Brands


Next-level, air-weight skincare products that get the job done.  I am IN LOVE with Body Prophet. You HAVE TO try it.

Beneath Your Mask

Obsessed with her Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm. Chic. Effective. Smells amazing. So good.


A unique, efficacious microbiome friendly line that’s great for even sensitive skin.


One look at their artisan soaps and you will freak. STUNNING. Ingredients are a base of olive oil, organic coconut oil, safflower oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide and essential oils.


Innovative products that combine quality, performance and convenience. I am always on the lookout for clean face wipes. I need to try these.


Time honored Ancient African beauty rituals for the modern day woman.


- I love this beautiful rose gold safety razor engineered in Germany specifically for woman. It's like a piece of jewelry for my shower.

True Moringa

True Moringa - Boston-based and one of the first lines I ever tried in clean beauty.