10 Black Owned Ethical Skincare Brands


Next-level, air-weight skincare products that get the job done.  I am IN LOVE with Body Prophet. You HAVE TO try it.

Beneath Your Mask

Obsessed with her Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm. Chic. Effective. Smells amazing. So good.


One look at their artisan soaps and you will freak. STUNNING. Ingredients are a base of olive oil, organic coconut oil, safflower oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide and essential oils.


Innovative products that combine quality, performance and convenience. I am always on the lookout for clean face wipes. I need to try these.


Time honored Ancient African beauty rituals for the modern day woman.


- I love this beautiful rose gold safety razor engineered in Germany specifically for woman. It's like a piece of jewelry for my shower.

True Moringa

True Moringa - Boston-based and one of the first lines I ever tried in clean beauty.

Lizzie's All-Natural Products

Creates fresh, natural, toxin-free products for your home and body. Made from simple, plant-based ingredients that nourish your skin and body.