Fall 2021 Clean Beauty Trends

Good face cleansers

Josh Rosebrook Essential Balm Cleanse | $50

A thick, viscous, honey-like gel-balm that cleanses and hydrates skin. It’s fantastic at removing makeup, grime, sunscreen and excess oil.

A clean house 

Force of Nature Travel Bottles | $8.99 for 3

Say hello to your new cleaning BFF. Force of Nature turns salt, water and vinegar into a powerful disinfectant.

Red Wine

Dry Farm Wines Reds | $94

Friend time + wine + ambiance...maybe some fries...it’s one of my most favorite things in the world to do.


Crazy Cap Water Bottle | from $49.95 

This is a portable, self-cleaning bottle that uses LED to destroy a wide range of pathogens and bio-contaminants in your water. It’s also self-cleaning and keeps your water bottle stink-free.

A good brow/lash serum

Maya Chia's POWER FOL Lash | Brow Serum | $110

This is a lightweight serum that’s charged with lengthening, thickening, strengthening and conditioning lashes and brows.

Body butters for extra hydration

TOG X Fitglow Lip Serum Duo

This was in our summer faves and it’s here to stay. The whole team is obsessed with it and I’m convinced if you give this body cream a try, it will be the last one you ever invest in.

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