101 Ways to Respond to Rude Comments About Gray Hair

How to respond to: “It will make you look older.”

“I am older!”

“Who do we think we’re fooling?”

“And wiser.😜”

“I am older. You are older. We are all older. Let’s not be thirsty for what has passed.”

How to respond to: “Why would you do this?”

“It looks better!”

“Because I am sick and tired of being a slave to a half inch of roots!”

“Because the silver is way cool! I’m going to go into my second half of life living like a rockstar.”

How to respond to: “But you are too young to go gray.”

“I know! Thanks. [smile] But, silver is in so why not let it grow out naturally? [smile and change subject]”

“Gray is the new blonde!”

“Have you been living under a rock? Grey is the rage. It’s about time too. Grey is gorgeous.”

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