Meet the founders of biophile

What do you get when a biologist with an expertise in green chemistry and clean, bio-based innovations in beauty meets an entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience, who ran her first business in high school?  A powerhouse brand that’s making serious waves in the better beauty industry.

What's been the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur?

Says co-founder Grace Fooden, "G: Launching during a pandemic."

What's one product EVERYONE needs to try?

Says Alison, "You need to have apple cider vinegar (ACV) in your life. Internally and externally it can support your biome… it is the Swiss army knife of ingredients! You can ingest it, clean your house with it, use it as a hair or body rinse. It is safe and supportive."

What supplemental skincare do you recommend?

Says Alison, "4-5 nights a week, I use a RED LED light therapy mask when I get into bed. This runs for around 20 minutes and often I will listen to a meditation at this time as well. There is so much great research on LED light therapy, I am a true believer in it."

What's your favorite skincare ingredient?

Says Grace, "Chaga Mushrooms."

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