My current anti-aging skincare routine

Morning + Evening Skincare Routine

Step 1 The Cleanser

Pai Light Work | $49

I’m obsessed with oil cleansing because it cleanses skin without strpping it of its natural oils.This means is more moisturizing and hydrating than foam cleansers.

Step 2 The Toner

BLÜH ALCHEMY Toning Elixir | $54

This mist is incredible at treating the skin and is basically a souped up serum—in the form of a mist. It helps maintain your skin hydrated.

Step 3 Face Serum

BLUH Alchemy Multi C Serum | $140

This serum  can be layered with your moisturizer, or used on its own.

Step 4 The Moisturizer

ARC by Maya Chia | 125

This cream takes all the building blocks the skin needs to repair itself (amino acids, peptides, minerals, vitamins) and delivers it in double and even triple the amounts needed to be effective.

Skin treatments (as needed)

100% Pure Bright Eyes Eye Masks | $7 (single pack)

Me Time Botanicals Berry Bright Mask | $35

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