Pros + Cons  of  ILIA Skin Tint Serum SPF 40

Pro:  This formula is skincare-forward—and I love it.

It has squalane to balance skin, hyaluronic acid to help plump and hydrate and niacinamides to smooth.

Con: It’s also been a huge undertaking to try and figure out what my “best match” shade is.

I’ve tried 9 of them, and I’m still not sure. Right now I’m playing with four shades, ranging from ST6 to ST12.75—and honestly, I can make all four of them work for my skintone. So I guess that's a pro too! 

Pro: High SPF!!

I love that we are seeing 40 SPF, which is higher than most everyday wear SPFs.

Con: SHEER to LIGHT coverage.

This is just enough to blur hyperpigmentation and some redness but not enough to really cover any imperfections or blemishes.

Pro: Fragrance-free!

Really love the fact that they don't use a fragrance. Add that to the high SPF and wide range of shades, and this makes it a great option overall for a tinted SPF.

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