Common Questions about Overtone Hair Color for Gray Hair

What is Overtone?

Overtone is a line of color depositing conditioners. While the Overtone conditioners are not hair dye, they can be used to deposit color on your colored or natural hair.

Does Overtone cover gray?

You can use Overtone to help soften their gray hair grow out. In this case, choose the “silver” category of colors.

Is Overtone bad for your hair?

Molecular Biologist and Cosmetic Chemist Kate Noonan says, “Dyes like Basic Brown [used in Overtone] have been flagged for genotoxicity when used in concentrations much lower than those used in commercial formulas.”

How long does Overtone last?

It depends on your hair’s porosity (lighter or gray hair is more porous, meaning it absorbs MORE), the starting shade of your hair color, how many times you use Overtone, how often you use it and how often you wash your hair. It’s semi-permanent, meaning it can range from lasting a week to being fairly permanent (e.g. on bleached hair).

How do you remove Overtone from hair?

Overtone stocks a “color fading” shampoo, but we’d recommend seeing your stylist to best support your hair health if you want to remove Overtone color from your hair.

How long do you leave Overtone in?

Daily Conditioners stay in for about 3-5 minutes, and Coloring Conditioners about 10-15 minutes.

Where can I buy Overtone?

You can buy shades of Overtone at Target and Amazon, but we only found the silver shades on Overtone’s site.

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