Summer  Nail Trends


Candy-colored nails

We’re leaning into nostalgia here with candy-hued nails reminiscent of your favorite childhood candy. Think Smarties (though whose favorite candy was Smarties? I’d like to know), bubble gum, taffy and the like.

Olive & June Counselor In Training | $9


neon nails

We’re still in the nostalgia realm with a doubled-down focus on neon nails for this summer, a trend that’s more Y2K than tearaway pants.

Olive & June Hot Strawberry | $9


neutral nails

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: neutrals are always in. But this season, we’re going soooo neutral, it’s like you’re not even wearing polish—the sheerer the better. Gasp!

Dazzle Dry Prima Ballerina | $22


negative space manicures

A little more expertise is needed for these more complicated manis, but take these to a nail salon for inspo / snag an Olive & June nail art brush set before attempting these on your own. The goal? A clear base with a fun pop of color.

Photo courtesy of @nicollebmack


metallics + Glitter nails

All the things that were cool when I was a kid are now cool again. Metallics and glitter nail polish included.

cote nail polish #107 | $18


Press-on nails

The last time I tried to do press on nails, I ripped them off after approx 5 hours because I’d put one of them on slightly crooked.  Thankfully, the press ons of today are simpler and easier on your nails. 

Olive & June Jewel Pop Press-On Nails | $10

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