No Polish Manicures



These are not your mom’s Lee Press On nails of yesteryear. Savvy brands like our fave Olive & June have redefined this genre with an array of shapes, lengths, designs and colors and, most importantly, upcycled materials! 

Olive & June Press-On Nails | $10


nail wraps

Nail Wraps are kind of like stickers made out of nail polish that go on your nails without the mess of polish (though they do require a clear topcoat, and sometimes a base coat, depending on the texture of your nails). 

Bubble Pop Club Ocean Waves | $5



While there’s no color or design choice with buffing, it is a fairly fool-proof way to look like you have your act together and take good care of your hands without goopy, messy polish that can chip or press ons/wraps that can come off. 

Bare Hands Manicure Kit | $42


cuticle oils

I first learned about cuticle oil in NYC’s ubiquitous nail salons. Dispensed from a huge vat into smaller containers, no one could ever tell me  what kind of oil—not to mention what other ingredients—was in there! I started bringing my own cuticle oils to nail salons, and now use them at home, too.

Carter + Jane PickFix | $28

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