What to look for in organic lip balms

Ingredients to celebrate in organic lip balms

Butters, like cocoa seed butter, coconut butter, shea butter and more.

Oils, like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, red raspberry seed oil can provide some additional antioxidants and other nutrients to support the thin skin of lips.

Waxes, like candelilla, jojoba and beeswax, can help that balm stay put!

Ingredients to consider in organic lip balms (you may want to skip these)

Mineral oil, typically listed as petrolatum or paraffin. Fatty acids from petroleum are absorbed through the skin, stored in our adipose tissue, not metabolized and not excreted.

Synthetic fragrances or flavors listed as fragrance or perfume or flavor or aroma.

Synthetic dyes: Specifically FD&C or D&C synthetic colorants.

Carmine. If you’re out for vegan, you’ll want to avoid colorants that are derived from insects, like carmine, a common sub for synthetic colors.

Chemical UV Absorbers like… Avobenzone, which is genotoxic.

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