3 reasons biophile is great for sensitive skin

1. It's next-level microbiome skincare.

Not only are we more microbe than human (outnumbering our own cells by 3:1) but this universe of microbes that live in our guts and on our skin were key allies to our health.

Disruptions in this ecosystem (reduced diversity and balance, often by drying skincare) can result in skin issues like acne, psoriasis, dryness, sensitivity and premature aging.

biophile works synergistically with the ‘life force’ of the skin—our microbiome—to reach its full potential (aka, less reactive and calmer skin).

2. It's bone broth for your skin.

biophile’s Biotic Broths™ are nutrient-rich superfoods for the skin made by fermenting plant, fungi and superfood extracts with probiotic bacteria.

Biotic Broths™ are combined with powerful actives, peptides and bio hydrators to make highly active formulas that are still gentle on the skin.

That fermentation process = one of the keys to being safe and effective for sensitive or reactive skin types.

3.  biophile contains the same OTC probiotics you take as a supplement.

Lactobacillus + Bifida strains that release compounds that strengthen skin's barrier, have anti-inflammatory action, hydrate, fight acne and even reduce wrinkles.

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