How to Gua Sha at Home

What is gua sha?

This 700+ year old practice has roots in traditional Chinese medicine, and has been used both as a type of family folk medicine as well as in clinical practice by licensed acupuncturists and in Chinese-style bodywork.

Here's  how to  do it, from Wildling co-founder!

Step 1: Using a hydrosol or mist, spritz face after cleansing throughly. 

Try: Wildling Beauty's Empress Tonic

After cleansing, this primes the skin to absorb facial oil. An initial step in activating your skin and prepping for your gua sha massage.

Step 2:  Add a facial oil to promote glide while performing gua sha.

Try: Wilding Beauty's Empress Oil

This powerful facial oil boosts circulation and tones the skin.

Step 3: Using the comb edge, glide up the back of your neck and down the sides of your neck; then along your jawline.

Try: Wilding Beauty's Empress Stone

Release facial tension and increase circulation through the skin tissues with linear motions.

Step 4: Using the crescent edge, follow the curve of your face and glide tool up and out.

Repeat daily for best results!

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