2024 Winter Nail Ideas

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There are almost TOO MANY amazing winter nail ideas popping up on my Insta and Pinterest. Add to that the gorgeous shades we’re seeing roll out from our favorite nontoxic nail polish brands and it’s all we can do to not repaint my nails every other day. Here are the hottest nail ideas for winter, coming in cool and moody for 2024.

Olive & June dark green painted onto nails.
Claire is wearing Olive & June One For You Two For Me.

By: Nicolle Mackinnon & Claire Molyneaux


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Winter nail ideas for 2024

A tortoiseshell finish painted onto fingernails.
Credit: Instagram @paintbyjaz


We’re seeing tortoiseshell on everything from home decor to fingertips this season. The preppy classic works on both long and short nails and we’ve even seen versions with just a tortoiseshell French tip—très chic. This is actually easier to DIY than you’d think. Dot your nails with shades of black, rich brown and a lighter jelly brown or clay tone then gently swirl/blend to get the look. Don’t forget a glossy top coat!

TNK’s tortoiseshell picks

A nail polish from Olive & June held in a hand.

Olive and June Cateye | $7.50

A nail polish color from Kure Bazaar.

Kure Bazaar Essenziale | $22

Cote Warm Chocolate Brown

Cote No. 126 Warm Chocolate Brown | $18

A close up of a hand with dark green nail polish.
Claire is wearing Olive & June’s One For You Two For Me.

Darkest green

Is it black? Is it blue? No, it’s DARK green! This season’s green trend is to take the hue to its edge. The best polish picks are emerald in tone but near-black in shade, and make everyone do a second glance at your tips. One coat is clearly green; two coats and WHO EVEN KNOWS.

TNK’s darkest green picks

Dazzle Dry Kale

Kure Bazaar Kale | $18

Olive & June It’s Actually Dark Green | $9

Dazzle Dry Juniper

Dazzle Dry Juniper | $22

A close up of a hand with plum nail polish on the nails.
Credit: Instagram @mynailfielife


Jewel tones in the winter are like florals in the spring…groundbreaking, ha. But plum brings a little more depth and feels less expected than the standard burgundies we usually turn to once the weather cools down. Purple is having a moment and plum is a super sophisticated way to adopt the trend.

TNK’s plum picks

Olive and June Plaza | $9

A bottle of Kure Bazaar Catwalk nail polish

Kure Bazaar Catwalk | $22

California Raisin nail polish by Cote.

Cote No. 91 California Raisin Purple Nail Polish | $18

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French ombre nail polish on fingernails.
Credit: Instagram @the.nailartstudio

French ombré

The newest twist on french manicure creates a subtle transition between your tips and the rest of your nail. Try it with a neutral palette like a classic frenchie or blur two brighter tones to get a punchier version of the look.

TNK’s French ombré picks

A bottle of nail polish held between a thumb and finger.

Olive & June Sandy | $7.50

Cote No. 2 Pure White Nail Polish | $18

Kure Bazaar French White Nail Polish

Kure Bazaar French White | $22

A matte top coat on fingernails painted with glitter.
Credit: Instagram @amyle.nails


Maybe our favorite trend for winter (this one is still going strong!), velvet nails are textural and luxe. The technique works on just about any shade and automatically elevates any outfit. There are a few ways to achieve the fuzzy-esque look, but the easiest way is by applying a matte top coat over a metallic polish. 

TNK’s velvet picks

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Matify top Coat

Dazzle Dry Mattify Top Coat | $20

Cote No 94 Graphite Grey Nail polish

Cote No. 94 Graphite Grey Nail Polish | $18

Olive & June Nail polish in Lilac shimmer painted onto finger nails.

Olive & June Lilac Shimmer | $9

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A close up of a hand with the nails painted with a subtle glitter polish finish.
Credit: Instagram @betina_goldstein

Subtle glitter

Like glazed donut nails, but make it winter. This trend takes whatever color you’re jamming on and kicks it up a glittery notch. We love adding a glitter on top of a go-to shade, but there are LOTS of options that don’t include mixing your own color at home.

TNK’s subtle glitter picks

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Starstruck Nail polish.

Dazzle Dry Starstruck | $22

A bottle of Kure Bazaar Gloss nail polish.

Kure Bazaar Gloss | $22

A bottle of Cote No. 103 Muted Shimmery Silver Nail Polish.

Cote No. 103 Muted Shimmery Silver Nail Polish | $18

A close up of a hand with the fingernails painted with a milk bath polish tone.
Credit: Instagram @gittibeauty

Milk bath

Somewhere between opaque and sheer white, the key to achieving milk bath nails is to stay slightly translucent—these are not White-Out nails from high school study hall. The most low key look of our round up, but the subtle, creamy wash of color feels so modern and reminds us of fresh snow.

TNK’s milk bath picks

Olive & June Office Party

Olive & June Office Party | $9

A bottle of Dazzle Dry Pawn nail polish.

Dazzle Dry Pawn | $22

A bottle of Kure Bazaar Beige Milk nail polish.

Kure Bazaar Beige Milk | $22

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What winter nail trends will be your go-to?

cursive xo, nic & claire

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