2023 Winter Nail Ideas

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There are almost TOO MANY amazing winter nail ideas popping up on my Insta and Pinterest. Add to that the gorgeous shades I’m seeing roll out from our favorite nontoxic nail polish brands and it’s all I can do to not repaint my nails every other day. Here are the hottest nail ideas for winter, coming in cool and moody for 2023.

Black painted nails on hand are held in front of a snowy background.
Nicolle is wearing Olive & June It’s Actually Dark Green with Is It Too Much? on top.

By: Nicolle Mackinnon


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Winter nail ideas for 2023

Darkest green

Is it black? Is it blue? No, it’s DARK green! This season’s green trend is to take the hue to its edge. The best polish picks are emerald in tone but near-black in shade, and make everyone do a second glance at your tips. One coat is clearly green; two coats and WHO EVEN KNOWS.

TNK’s darkest green mani picks

  1. Cote No. 98 | $18
  2. Olive & June It’s Actually Dark Green | $9
  3. Dazzle Dry Juniper | $22
  4. Kure Bazaar Kale | $18

Moody oxblood

Obvs, a dark red is an easy winter pick. This season’s best dark reds are rich in hue, cooler in tone and bordering on black (see a trend here?). I’ve found myself reaching for this color over and over again, in shades from dark berry to deep brown-red.

TNK’s moody oxblood nail picks

Bold blues

We saw cobalt make a major comeback this summer / fall, and we’re just going deeper into the bold blue shade this winter, from ice-cold light blues to deep navies. This is another shade I can’t stop myself from reaching for.

TNK’s bold blues nail picks

Grayed out

Another classic winter color, gray is making waves with its cool-toned neutral vibe. I love a taupe-y gray ombre of sorts, with shades of aluminum gray fading to a deeper hue. Check out these picks.

TNK’s gray nail polish picks

Shimmer n shake

Like the winter version of the glazed donut nails, this trend takes whatever color you’re jamming on and kicks it up a shimmery notch. I love adding a shimmer on top of a go-to shade, but there are LOTS of options that don’t include mixing your own color at home.

TNK’s shimmer nail polish picks

Snowflake nail art

The latest in nail art takes “winter” literally, with delicate snowflakes drawn onto long, rounded nails. This is the kind of thing I’d take to the salon, BUT if you have a steadier hand than I do, use nail art pens to achieve the cool lewk (or go for snowflake shimmer instead of an actual snowflake).

TNK’s snowflake nail art picks

Glass nails

This season’s easiest “nail art” is the shattered glass aesthetic that’s ruled the runways in winter fashion shows. You can easily do it with a clear base, or you can add a dark hue from our picks above to create a double pane look.

TNK’s glass nails picks

Understated holiday nail art

You can be festive without plastering sprigs of evergreen to your nails. These understated nail art designs give the feeling of the season without going too overboard.

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What winter nail trends will be your go-to?

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By Nicolle Mackinnon

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