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Y et Beauté offers a luxury line of high performance lipsticks. These lipsticks are super moisturizing, offer big color pay-off and are formulated in a base of organic butters, oils and waxes.

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Y et Beauté is the brainchild of Esther Sutjiawan. Returning to New York after a months-long yoga retreat in India, Esther was determined to align her new-found inner beauty with a lipstick line that is extra luxe, extra beautiful, extra ordinary and extra organic. 

Esther says, “I wanted to bridge the gap between the luxury department store beauty lines and the organic beauty brands you might find in mass markets.”

And she did. She created a line of lipsticks that are moisturizing, deliver killer color pay-off, are housed in uber posh packaging and come in sophisticated, yet fun colors. This Italian-made line launched with 10 shades and I’m personally hoping there are more to come.

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A quick Y et Beauté review

I’ve been playing with these lipsticks for over a month now—here are some things that stand out to me. 

Y et Beauté lipsticks smell good 

Some lipsticks just smell like those 1980s drug store lipsticks. Even still to this day! I tried a new brand last week from a major green beauty retailer and I had to take the lipstick off ASAP because it had that drugstore lipstick smell. These ones smell slightly of sweet vanilla. 

Y et Beauté lipsticks are moisturizing 

They are super moisturizing and do not dry out lips at all. 

I wouldn’t call these “long-wear” perse. Because they are moisturizing, they will transfer easily onto coffee mugs, water glasses and definitely won’t make it through a meal. That being said, if you are not messing around with your lips, they will last a decent amount of time. 

Y et Beauté lipstick packaging dons magnetic components 

The top and bottoms of the lipstick tubes are magnetic, which I love just for that added insurance for preventing things like spilled-lipstick-in-your-bag mishaps. 

Y et Beauté lipsticks titillate via surprise details 

Each product comes adorned with the Y et Beauté logo—a peek-a-boo detail embossed on the tip of each lipstick. 

I notice Y et Beauté lipsticks offer slightly different finishes 

Some of these lipsticks appear to have a shinier finish (CALME, EDIE, VIVIENNE) while others are not as shiny. I wouldn’t go as far as calling them demi-matte, but I notice a less shiny finish (11, 21, SOHO, BISOU). Maybe this is just me, but I can see it.

Y et Beauté lipsticks come in trend-forward shades

Overall, I like the colors. Some shades were more of a hit and some were more of a miss. 

My faves are: 

  • 11 – A poppy pink that is bright, fun and edgy. This shade is similar to CALME but I like the finish of 11 which is more of a demi-matte than CALME, which is shinier. 
  • 21 – A show-stopping electric red. 
  • BISOU – This understated burnt sienna screams fresh face and on-trend. 

My least favorite shade is: 

  •  EDIE – This purple inspired shade fell flat on me.

Y et Beauté prioritizes organic ingredients

Love that Y et Beauté prioritizes organic ingredients. In fact, if you look at the base ingredients (which make up a majority of the formula), they are all sourced organically. As a quick aside, ingredients on labels are listed in order of predominance. The ingredients used in the greatest amount are listed first followed in order by those in smaller amounts. So here we see organic castor seed oil followed by organic sweet almond oil then organic beeswax and so on. 

Y et Beauté uses synthetic colorants 

Y et Beauté uses a small percentage of synthetic colorants to achieve a wider color range and better color pay-off. This is something to consider (more here). I note this because, at The New Knew, we want you to be an informed consumer who makes choices about ingredients to fit your needs. If you want to know my personal opinion (Hi👋 it’s me, Lisa), I believe that synthetic colorants in small amounts to achieve something otherwise unattainable is fine. I love that I can wear big bold colors formulated in a base of organic waxes and oils and butters. I also don’t wear lipstick everyday…but even if I did, I think I would still be happy with it—especially if it made me happy.  

Y et Beauté lipstick swatches 

Woman wearing Y et Beauté 11 shade
Y et Beauté 11
woman wearing Y et Beauté 21
Y et Beauté 21
woman wearing Y et Beauté bisou
Y et Beauté BISOU
woman wearing Y et Beauté lipstick in Call Me
Y et Beauté CALME
Y et Beauté lipstick in Edie
Y et Beauté EDIE
Y et Beauté Lou
Y et Beauté LOU
Y et Beauté lipstick in Soho
Y et Beauté SOHO
Y et Beauté lipstick in tranquille
woman wearing Y et Beauté in Vivienne
Y et Beauté VIVIENNE

And, see them all next to each other…

9 lipstick colors swatched on arm
Y et Beauté Swatches

Have you tried Y et Beauté lipstick? What color is your go-to?

xo, lisa in cursive

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By Lisa Fennessy

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