Going Gray Wedding Hair Styles


Go full on British and wear a cute hat

I love a good tea time, I like Roy Kent and I can GET DOWN with some fish and chips. So why are we not all wearing cute hats more often? If wearing a hat seems like a stretch, you don’t have to go all wild and crazy. Pick a cute, tasteful one and rock that ish out!

Image courtesy of Hicks & Brown


Try a temporary root spray

I’ve never personally tried a temporary root spray but several women in The Gray Book have and recommend it as a viable option. This is a spray people use to bridge the gap between hair dye appointments. You apply it to dry hair and then it washes out with your next shampooing. 

Images courtesy of Girl Get Glamorous & Nevermore Lane


Highlights or lowlights or both

If you are looking for something a little more permanent, you can consider highlights or lowlights or both. This has been a successful grow out method for several women as it helps to blend the demarcation between dyed hair and virgin hair.

Image courtesy of Becca Chipp Hair


Try braids

The added dimension from all the different shades of gray just make the braids POP. But braids are also a great option for that middle ground when you are still growing out your hair as well. The bends and twists help soften the line between dyed hair and undyed hair. You can also consider multiple braids, headband braids, one big fatty braid or a fun braided updo.

Image courtesy of Gaby Garcia Salon


Flip that mindset switch

You knew I was going to say it, lol, because I always do! I promise, wedding day or not, no one is as concerned about your hair as you are. It feels big to you but it is very small to everyone else. 

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