Pros + Cons of  ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

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Pro:  Brings all of the volume, definition, length and separation.

The perfect natural mascara for length, volume and definition—doesn't clump, flake or smear.

Pro: Made with nourishing, organic ingredients.

Key ingredients here include arginine to fortify lashes, organic shea butter to condition and beeswax to nourish. Made with 25% organic ingredients.

Pro: Patented wand for ultimate separation.

Let’s cut right to the chase, this mascara really does it all. I love the dual-sided brush too. Use the shorter side to curl and create volume, then the longer bristles to lift, lengthen and separate. Lashes feel light and flexible.

Pro:  Does not flake or smudge.

I actually wore it one day when I ended up crying the entire day on and off and this mascara stood the test of tears. Still no smudging, flaking or fallout. Could this mascara be waterproof too?!

Con:  It stings my eyes if I cry.

It does tend to sting a bit when you're crying or sweating. 

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