Equal Uprise Floppy Fedora: Blending Art + Modern Accessories

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wearing a fedora with the afternoon sun poking through the trees

As I approach the four month mark of growing out my hair gray, I am starting to look so different. No longer do I look like a busy mom who missed a few hair appointments. At this point, it’s obvious. I’m going gray. I love looking in the mirror and covering up my brown strands to see into my future like; “What I will look like?” It’s still too hard to tell but one thing’s for sure, it’s exciting to witness the process. Everyday I see something new. There’s also another thing that is definitely for sure: I have 2″ of white on the top of my head and the rest is brown. I mean, I’m fine with it around the house or dropping the kids off at school or whatever but going out and about, I love having the option of covering it up. Enter: The Equal Uprise Floppy Fedora.

wearing a gray Equaluprise Floppy Fedora with a skirt and a vest is super cute

Okay not only am I in love with this hat but I’m in love with the company. Equal Uprise works with marginalized artisans in Ecuador and Tunisia to stock handmade, one of a kind, accessories. They have the cutest blankets, hats, pillows, rugs, bags and more. The income generated at the workshops Equal Uprise partners with, funds education for the children of the artists (and the artists themselves). In addition, Equal Uprise sets aside 10% of the proceeds from the sale of each item to invest back into the business of the artist who made that piece.

wearing an Equaluprise Floppy Fedora with a black dress is super cute

So as I was scouring their site trying to decide what piece to pick, I finally settled on the Traditional Fedora in Olive. I love the idea of an olive fedora and then when I saw it was paired with a orangey/brown hat band and I was sold. BUT! A last minute switch-up landed me the Floppy Fedora in spotted gray. And I’m so glad it did! This hat is adorable!

First of all, I have a huge head so I had to measure it before I picked out a size. Each hat has it’s own size chart so don’t guess on which size to buy. I didn’t have a fabric tape measure so I just used a piece of string, marked it with my finger and then measured the string. My head measured 23″ exactly so I am on the cusp of L/XL and I went with the L. It’s snug but I think the XL would have been too loose. Anyways, the point is, measure. Don’t guess.

looking sideways wearing an Equaluprise Floppy Fedora with city art behind me

The Floppy Fedora gives the impression of wearing floppy but don’t let the name fool you. It’s actually pretty sturdy. It’s made out of 100% wool felt. The brim won’t flop in the wind but it’s designed to have a little bend in the brim (creating the illusion of a flop). Speaking of the brim, it’s short enough that you can easily see around it but long enough to shade your face from the sun and “flop”.

This hat is light weight, breathable and versatile. I’ve worn it on hot summer mornings to the park, the farmer’s market, to the spa, out to dinner….the works. Even in the beating sun I never felt like “Get this thing off me, I’m so hot.” It’s was always, “Oh thank God I have some protection from the sun, it’s so hot.” How?! Because wool actually repels moisture (sweat) so it not only shades you from the heat but keeps you dry too. Wool is actually an insulator too so it will be great during the winter months for a little extra warmth.

wearing an Equaluprise Floppy Fedora with the sun on my back and the city artwork on the walls beside me

This hat specifically is made in a town 60 miles north of Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. The wool they use comes from sheep 150 miles south of their village. The wool is cleaned and and processed in a local mill that uses steam to matt down the fibers of the wool. The result is a piece of strong felt. The felt is then coated in gelatin and shaped on molds to turn it into a hat. You can check out some of the process pics here.

I also love the juxtaposition of cool tones (gray hat) and warm tones (brown braided leather hat band). It makes for a great neutral and you can really wear it with any color. Although I’m partial to black, but that’s just me.

Not only can you wear it with any color, but any outfit too. It looks great with a dress, jeans, skirt, shorts, tall boots, short boots – you really can’t go wrong! There are probably only two exceptions here. Most likely, I wouldn’t wear it to a fancy dinner or the gym. Other than that, get your fedora on!

tipping my Equaluprise Floppy Fedora to say hello

Did I mention this hat is also waterproof?!

smiling and wearing an Equaluprise Floppy Fedora in all the afternoon light

Also, my husband and my brother-in-law say I look like Indiana Jones. They have no idea about fashion.

smiling and wearing an Equaluprise Floppy Fedora in all the afternoon light

My sister and my bestie say I look wicked cute. They know everything about fashion.

Shop Equal Uprise

The Floppy Fedora hat is currently on sale. It comes in khaki, navy or spotted gray – all so pretty! Shop Equal Uprise website!

All photos by Jenn at Monkey and Squirrel – LOVE HER!

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