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Luxe organic skincare doesn’t have to break the bank! I’m dishing on several budget organic skincare options that are lower in price but not lower in quality. All of these perform, are clean and dare I say LUXE at a fraction of the cost. Coupon codes too!

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Remember my Green Beauty On A Budget post? Well me and my girl Molly from Maison Pur are back! Our green beauty budget post was such a hit we knew we had to follow up with a budget organic skincare post. So girl, buckle your seatbelt and get ready to elevate your skincare routine without breaking the bank!

One quick thing before we get started. Usually when a product goes down in price, it also goes down in ingredient quality too. Meaning these two factors are directly proportional. But Molly and I don’t take no for an answer and we’ve hit the internet streets to find some hardcore quality, organic skincare products that won’t break the bank.

Sure you can find cheap skincare. But we are setting the bar at LUXURY organic skincare. We are talking good quality ingredients, effective products and all at price points that are well below industry comps. As more and more options make their way into this space, there are still only a few that hit all the marks. Molly and I have tried and loved all of the following. 

Coupon Codes

Let’s start out with the good stuff. Coupon codes! As if these prices here weren’t already stellar, we are hooking it up to help you get a jump.


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Wildcraft Face Cream $26 (This is a Canadian based company) If you are committed to using a cream, look no further than Wildcraft! Their price point is the lowest we have found without compromising ingredients. We are talking everything organic where possible. Light to medium in texture, this can be used day or night. Good for most skin types. Comes in two scents: Geranium Orange Blossom and Bergamot Rose. Both are beautiful!

Acure The Essentials Moroccan Argan Oil $9.99 – This is a multi use oil that you can use as a moisturizer for your hair, face, hands, nails, body etc. We love it because it has just 3 ingredients with the main one being organic argan oil. If you have never used an oil to moisturize your face before, this is a good place to start!

LIVE Botanicals AER Face Clearing Oil $10 (TEN BUCKS!?) This gentle herb-infused oil will moisturize and reduce inflammation and breakouts. Organic pumpkin seed oil does everything from support collagen levels to reducing acne. So many great ingredients here especially for the price! (See coupon code above).


LIVE Botanicals’ Nourishing Cleansing Oil $36 – This formula is made with non-comedogenic oils so it won’t clog pores. Great as a cleanser or makeup remover the Luna Nourishing Cleansing Oil will dissolve and remove it all. We LOVE the smell – notes of lemon and lavender take center stage. Add a little water to make a milky emulsion before rinsing off. (See coupon code above).

Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse $20 – Love this formula for the shower when you want to get squeaky clean. This all-in-one foaming cleanser knocks it out of the park. Removes makeup, balances, nourishes and purifies. This can double as a body wash or a wash for babies and kids too. Shop! 

Wildcraft Cleanse Makeup Remover $19 – Use honey and chamomile to cleanse + remove makeup. Smells mild and sweet. Saturate a cotton pad and use to remove makeup including mascara. Follow up with your favorite gentle cleanser.


LIVE Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum $38 – This lightweight serum acts as a hydrating serum and toner in one. Hyaluronic Acid holds 100x its weight in water so it’s fantastic for bringing moisture to the skin. This formula also has aloe vera and fresh distilled green tea hydrosol to clear and soothe acne plus reduce inflammation. It’s great to mix with skincare powders likes Vitamin C or to use to make an emulsion with your favorite face oil! (See coupon code above). 

Wildcraft Regenerating Face Serum $30 – This nut-free formula is made with some heavy hitting skin renewal actives like seabuckthorn, hemp seed and frankincense oil. Great under your regular moisturizer or used alone on days where you only want a light moisturizer. 


Wildcraft Balance Toner $17 – Geranium and orange blossom set the tone here. Balance Toner not only smells great, but it does so much for your skin. A quick mist will reduce puffiness, soften skin, clean pores and tone. 

Face Masks

LIVE Botanicals Luna Glowing Mask $36 – We LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask. It’s made with whole herbs, botanical extracts and fruit enzymes with a honey base. Put this on for 5-10 minutes in the morning while you brush your teeth (etc) and get ready to glow! With bits of herbal grains, this mask also acts as an exfoliator too. Can be used daily as a cleanser or 2-3x a week as a mask. (See coupon code above).

Leahlani Mermaid Mask $32- Say hello to your new best friend. This magical mask is great for any skin type. And it’s locally sourced ingredients will transport you to Hawaii while it brightens, hydrates and calms your skin. Made with raw Hawaiian honey that’s blended with superfoods like spirulina, this is a go-to for us that solves any skin woes.

Eye cream

100 Percent Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream $15-$26 (depending on size)- A dab of this will help banish dark circles, reduce puffiness and hydrate your delicate eye area. It’s packed with antioxidants, anti-aging vitamins, and even has anti inflammatory properties. And the best part besides the price is how well makeup layers on top of it! Code THENEWKNEW will save you 10% at The Choosy Chick!

Lip balm

Moroccan Magic $3.99 – Simple organic ingredients and at a price point that works. Comes in several trending flavors like rose, peppermint eucalyptus, lemon thyme and coconut almond. Available at CVS, Wegmans, Bed Bath & Beyond + Whole Foods.

28 Litsea Melted Balm $12- If we had to describe this lip balm in one word it would be SOOTHING! Great for chapped lips or layering under your favorite lip color. But this all purpose balm is not just for lips…it works great for any area that needs a little extra moisturizing.


The Green Balm by MOA – $21 This balm literally does it all. We love it as a makeup remover but it also doubles as a first aid repair balm thanks to the addition of healing yarrow and antiseptic tree tree oil. Keep it on hand for any cuts, scrapes, bites or damaged skin. It also works to soothe eczema, psoriasis and minor rashes. Use it on lips, nostrils, cuticles – it’s even recommended as an after-shave.  Code THENEWKNEW will save you at The Choosy Chick

Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub $9.99 – One of the keys to glowing radiant skin is exfoliation! We love this scrub because it has the perfect size lemon peel granules – small and effective. As with any exfoliator, make sure not to scrub too hard. Keep this in the shower and use 1-2x a week.


a close up of several budget green beauty products


Wildcraft Illuminate Body Cream $33 – We love how moisturizing this Body Cream is! It has a creamy consistency but is thin enough to spread easily. Plus it soaks right in. And bonus! Wildcraft’s Body Cream doubles as a fantastic hand moisturizer. Comes in a glass pot and smells clean and pretty.

28 Litsea Top Note Wild Citrus Body Oil $22 – This body oil had us at: bright, clean and citrus. Not only that, it’s fast absorbing and very nourishing. But best of all, it feels very similar to high end body oils that cost double the price.

Body Wash:

Aleavia Body Wash $20- A no frills body wash that helps your skin maintain proper balance to fight against eczema and more. It suds up nicely and really cleans so well.

Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash $10 – A shower staple you can pick up at Target or on Amazon. It cleans well, smells so good and is convenient to purchase!


Green Tidings $14.99 – This deodorant is tried and true – tested by the both of us and our husbands! It employs baking soda to keep odors at bay. Comes in a stick and in two scents: lavender or unscented. They also have a 1 oz travel size available for less than $8.


Flourish Natural Body Care Shampoo + Conditioner $24/ea – I tried their Lavender + Mint + Clover Shampoo/Conditioner when I was dying my hair and it totally did the trick. Left my hair soft, shiny and most importantly; CLEAN! Foams without stripping hair. Wash hair once, rinse, then wash it again for maximum cleansing power!

That’s a wrap!

Affordable, clean beauty for the win! The best part? Many of these products feel just as high end as brands double or triple the price! Most of the brands we featured also have so many more affordable products to discover, so be sure to check them out.  

For more, check out my Clean Makeup on a Budget post!

PS – Here’s a pic of me and Molls at my house last year – isn’t she the cutest!?

PSS – How fake does my hair color look!? Hindsight is 20/20 ya’ll. #goinggray

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By Lisa Fennessy

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