Tights That Won’t Run, Snag or Tear: Sheertex Tights Review

October 4, 2021 (updated January 31, 2023) — Written by

It’s Friday night. The boys are downstairs watching a movie in the man cave with their dad. And I’m upstairs in my bathroom #winning because it’s #girlsnight! Just shaved, plucked a few rogues, makeup is cute, hair is falling just the right way, Biggie is hyping me up, a black faux-leather dress waiting in the wings…and CRAP! A ripped pair of panty hose?! UGH!!!!

Lisa holds a package of Sheertex tights

This post is generously sponsored by Sheertex, an ethical fashion brand that is reducing landfill waste. As always, The New Knew only works with brands who we trust are making the world a better place.

By: Lisa Fennessy


*Throws on slippers. Runs down to CVS. Looks for “right size” but my height (5’10”) and weight (160 lbs.) are never included on the size chart which always makes me feel like I’m some freak cousin of Bigfoot, so I do what I always do and opt for the biggest size and hope. Get home. Put on hose. Hug kids goodbye. Grab keys. Hop in Uber. Ring catches on hose and…FRACK!!!!*

typical hose size chart

You know what I’m talking about! This has happened too many times. I even remember going to work back in the early aughts with an extra pair of new hose in my bag because work had a “required hose policy” (or maybe it was a “no bare legs policy”?)—either way, I knew it was only a matter of time before my hose ripped, so I always had a backup. 

And if you are nodding your head like RIGHT?! You are not alone. Every year over 2 billion pairs of disposable tights are sold, which end up in landfills after only a couple of wears. 

Well, gone are the days of rips, runs, backups and 2 billion pairs of tights sold annually—and welcome to the days of Sheertex.

Lisa's legs in semi-opaque tights.

Meet Sheertex, creator of the “world’s most resilient tights”

Sheertex has created a pantyhose that won’t break in human hands. YES! FINALLY WE CAN SAY GOODBY TO RIPPED TIGHTS! Drawing inspiration from a fiber that’s traditionally used for mountain climbing and sailing equipment, Sheertex created hose that are strong, long lasting and can be worn again and again. In fact, Sheertex even offers a 90-day guarantee. (Can you imagine that? A guarantee on hosiery? Lol. #facts). 

So what’s it made of exactly? Well, we can kinda answer this and we kinda can’t. Because this is a patent-pending fabric, the exact composition is on lock, BUT what we do know is that Sheertex’s Knit is woven with one of the world’s strongest polymers that includes materials like nylon, spandex and silicone. They’re as soft as regular tights, but stronger than steel.

I was also drawn to Sheertex showing up with 6 nude options and sizes XS to 3XL. Like, wait. There’s actually a size for me?! 

Lastly, traditional machinery couldn’t handle the Sheertex material, so women-founded Sheertex built their own 115,00 square foot manufacturing facility in Montreal, Canada—a historical textile hub in North America. Everything happens in this space from knitting, sewing, dying, fulfillment to R+D.  

Sheertex review 

So ofc I need to see it to believe and I gotta say, it’s true. I tried the Backseam Sheer Tights, the Semi-Opaque Tights and the Shaping Sheer Tights, and in a blind side-by-side, these would pass as “real hose.” They are thin, lightweight, comfy, high performance…they even have a “control top” dupe. 

Oh and FYI, Sheertex’s size chart indicated that I should buy a large and the large fit great. Snug enough so there was no wrinkling but not too snug that I felt like I was a sausage. Here’s my take on each style I tried.

Final thoughts on Sheertex tights: Worth it?

So you might be wondering…nearly $100 for a pair of TIGHTS?! And I hear you. But the price of these coincides with their eco-friendliness. Yes, you’re shelling out more than the pair of hose you buy at CVS or Target, but Sheertex’s sturdy, patented material will far outlast the cheaper pair you pick up on a whim. And that also means that you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Instead of a 3-pack of chintzy pantyhose making their way into a landfill after one or two wears, Sheertex’s hose will help prevent rips, tears, snags and runs, extending the life of your hose, and reducing what ends up in the trash. And that’s worth it to me.

My Sheertex tights a year later!

Have you tried Sheertex? Give me your thoughts!

xo, lisa in cursive

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By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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    I have been wearing a pair of these tights for about 6 months, and they are still as good as when I first bought them. Highly recommended.

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