True Botanicals Clear Line: Product Review

February 22, 2019 (updated February 17, 2023) — Written by

My love for True Botanicals runs deep and I’ve got nothing but love for their newly reformulated Clear line including a face wash, toner, serum and oil.

true botanicals products lined up and styled with gold frames

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Okay you guys probably know by now my love runs deep for True Botanicals. I have talked about this brand the most out of any other brand since the birth of The New Knew (I love their shampoo/conditioner, face oil, cleanser..) and for good reason! A line of luxury anti-aging products that are also certified MADE SAFE and have shown results in independent clinical trials? I’m all in.

Founder and president Hillary Peterson started True Botanicals because she took a closer look at her personal care products and saw one thing they all had in common – their ingredients contained toxins. After this wake-up call she threw herself into an eight-year study of botanicals and their healing powers plus consulted green chemists and sustainability experts. Her ultimate goal being to formulate transformative skincare products that wouldn’t compromise people’s health or the environment. And she did.

True Botanicals uses ingredients that actually mimic what is naturally going on in the skin to transform the aging process. And it’s not just hot air, they conduct independent clinical studies to gather empirical evidence that illustrates the effectiveness of their products. You can see the results of these trials on their website here.

So True Botanicals just reformulated and they are now offering three different lines. Renew for normal skin, Calm for Rosacea-Prone skin and Clear for Acne-Prone skin.

They sent me their Clear line to try and let me say right off the bat, it’s clearly a winner. Let’s start with my fave from the line, their Hydrating Cleanser.

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Hydrating Cleanser

true botanicals products lined up and styled with gold frames

At 48.00 this cleanser is on the high end…BUT you get what you pay for and this cleanser is the bomb! I tried their previous formulation too and they are very similar in weight, consistency and effectiveness. My ALL TIME fave cleanser, it is strong enough to really CLEAN my face. It takes off all my makeup including my (nontoxic) mascara and here’s the kicker, even though it cleans really well, it is super gentle and doesn’t strip or dry out skin. Potent yet gentle is the name of the game here.

It’s a thick milky consistency – almost like a thin gel. I love taking a few pumps in my hands and massaging into my face for about 2 minutes. This formula will not foam or suds but know that it is working! The smell is beautiful – herbs and florals – and my face is left feeling clean (not oily and not dry) and refreshed. I tend to double cleanse (wash my face twice) but with this product I use it alone and it gets the job done.

Jam-packed with Ecocert and organic ingredients, this formula uses a base of green and white tea instead of water brining in the benefits of antioxidants and polyphenols to tone, sooth, clean and bring down inflammation. Every time I get a lot of True Botanicals, this is the first product to disappear. If you try anything from this post – try this!!! 4 oz/48.00

Nutrient Toner

true botanicals products lined up and styled with gold frames

After cleansing I go in with the Nutrient Toner. This toner not only removes bacteria but leaves skin feeling moist and refreshed. One of the secret ingredients in this toner is Sandalwood Hydrosol. This powerful antimicrobial is sustainably sourced from 30-plus-year-old Hawaiian sandalwood trees and is rich in astringent and disinfecting properties.

This toner is recommended to use with a cotton round after cleansing and comes as pictured above. I actually prefer to spray on my toner so I jacked the sprayer from my previous True Botanicals Mist and use that instead of the cotton round approach. I do this because, number one, it is the best mister I’ve found on the market (even and light) and number two, I love to spray and pat my toner on as opposed to wiping. Just a personal preference.

One note, this toner contains Apple Cider Vinegar so it does smell a tiny bit like vinegar – mostly florals but I do smell a trace.  A plus for some but maybe not all. 4 oz/48.00

Cellular Repair Serum

true botanicals products lined up and styled with gold frames

At night I follow this up with the Cellular Repair Serum. This little guy steps in where our own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid leaves off to assist aging cells in retaining water. It also contains Black Willow Bark Extract to exfoliate skin without irritation or sensitivity and Olive Leaf Extract to boost anti-inflammatory properties.

This serum is like a thin gel consistency with earth tones and floral scents. It spreads on thin and dries with a little bit of a sheen to it locking moisture in. I actually love mixing the True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster into this serum to make it a powerhouse treatment. 1 oz/140.00

Pure Radiance Oil

true botanicals products lined up and styled with gold frames

Last I finish off the routine with another fave – the Clear Pure Radiance Oil. If you have tried any of their oils before this one falls right in line with what I like to call their signature scent. Botanicals, herbs, clean and beautiful with pinch of pine. This oil is light yellow in color and soaks right into skin with no greasy fallout. Like you will seriously be amazed at how it assimilates. A+.

A few highlight ingredients in this formula: It has Helichrysm to fight inflammation, heal wounds and minimize scaring. Hemp, Pumpkin and Grape Seed Oils to balance sebum and support optimal pH balance. 1 oz/110.00

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A Clear Winner

True Botanicals is definitely a splurge but you get what you pay for. I tend to get monthly hormonal breakouts along my jaw and chin and the Clear Line has definitely scaled those back. It’s also – no lie – normalized my skin. I used to have combo-to-oily skin and when I first started using the True Botanicals line about a year ago it changed the entire landscape of my skin. Now I am definitely more along the normal range with a clearer and brighter complexion.

With it’s androgynous scent, this line is great for men or women. Oh and I have to add, everything is packaged in glass so no nasty plasticizers leaching into your high-end product here. Also I gotta mention True Botanicals makes my top fave shampoo and conditioner too. You can see my full review here or you can skip it and just get it for yourself here.


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Common questions about True Botanicals:

Who owns True Botanicals?

Founder and president Hillary Peterson started True Botanicals because she wanted to see better ingredients in her skincare. They have also taken on investors. More here.

Does True Botanicals work for acne?

Yes. True Botanicals has three different skincare lines. The Clear line is formulated for acne-prone skin. Read my full Clear line review here.

Is True Botanicals vegan?

True Botanicals products are MADE SAFE certified, with nontoxic and clean ingredients. They are 99% vegan and working their way to 100% vegan.

True Botanicals Clear
  • Price
  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness


A line of luxury anti-aging products that are also certified MADE SAFE and have shown results in independent clinical trials. True Botanicals uses ingredients that actually mimic what is naturally going on in the skin to transform the aging process.



  • Ecocert and organic ingredients
  • Super effective
  • Clean and non-toxic ingredients


  • Some items can be on the high-end price point

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Question about the order at night! I just ordered this line (and LOVE it!) and in their instructions they say to oil first and then end last with the serum/Vit C mix… any reason why you did the opposite? I want to be sure I’m doing it right. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Reply

      Lisa Fennessy

      Just my personal preference. I feel like the Vitamin C soaks right in so I prefer to put that on first before putting on an oil. But play with it and see what works best for you! There is no “wrong” way to use it. You are giving your skin all the same active ingredients either way. Thanks for asking!

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    Hi! I’m wondering how you’d compare TB to Laurel Skin care? I know you’ve used both. Thanks!

    1. Reply


      Hi Jamie! I have used both! And you really can’t compare them. But what you can do is pick based on what you are looking for personally in a skincare line. Laurel is made with plants only. It’s effective natural, plant-powered, biodynamic skincare. It’s really one of a kind. No one else makes skincare from seed to bottle like Laurel does. While True Botanicals is results driven, science backed, green technology that will change your skin. For example, their Clear Line has even been proven to outperform Proactiv in third party clinical trials. That is groundbreaking!

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