Absolute Best Natural Shampoo + Conditioner (I’ve Tried a Zillion!)

April 19, 2024 — Written by

Welcome to our clean beauty shampoo + conditioner master list where we try and review every healthy shampoo + conditioner on the planet so you don’t have to. Don’t see the shampoo or conditioner you are looking for? Leave us a comment and we will add it in!

A woman shampooing her hair.

By: Lisa Fennessy


Remember when there were no healthy shampoos that worked and we all had to wash our hair with apple cider vinegar? That was fun. NOT! 

My life was saved when I tried True Botanicals shampoo + conditioner back in 2016. It’s been one of my go-tos since. Sadly, they just discontinued all their haircare in 2024 and it’s no longer available. #whywhywhy 

In better news, there are so many healthy shampoo and conditioner options to choose from today. As a reminder, when we say “heathy shampoo + conditioner” we mean ones that do not include any of these ingredients and if you are curious, this is our no B.S. approach to vetting and trying products. But anyways, with so many clean shampoo options available these days, analysis paralysis is REAL and sometimes when there are too many choices, no choices get made. 

So with that in mind, I wanted to create this post so it can be used in two ways: 

1. Everytime we try a shampoo + conditioner, we will review it and add it to this list. Our hope is that this becomes a massive resource where you can find our thoughts on every and any clean beauty shampoo + conditioner you want. (We’ve done this for healthy purple shampoos too!).

2. The only problem with that is it’s not helpful if you want to know which shampoo + conditioner we like best. So in that vein, we will keep our faves current and marked at the top of this list for easy reference. So if you have no idea where to start, start with these! 

And as a general caveat to this entire post (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again): healthy shampoos work better when you double cleanse.

And if you find this post helpful, be sure to check our review of the best (and worst) natural deodo


My favorite natural shampoo and conditioners

A woman rubbing shampoo in her hair.

Clean shampoos and conditioners I’ve tried so far (all the others)

What’s missing from this list? What do you want us to add?

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By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Thank you so much! I see you did not include Innersense. Is there a reason why not?

    1. Reply

      Lisa Fennessy

      I’ll add them in ASAP!

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    I have been using the LolaVie products since they launched…..I couldn’t help myself and have been using them every day since. I absolutely love their Glossing Detangler and the Leave-In for my very fine very thin hair. The other brand of shampoo/conditioner I use weekly is from a company called Just Nutritive. They are fabulous and have a line for every kind of hair need you can imagine – including gray. Might be one you want to give a whirl to!

  3. Reply

    Sherry Burgess

    I didn’t see Prose. I’ve been using for a year now and love it but would not mind trying something else. I will look into your top picks.

    1. Reply

      Lisa Fennessy

      Hi Sherry! Okay, we will add this on in next!

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    I love Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Brilliant Shine Shampoo! It’s so easy to find, and it’s also budget friendly. It’s excellent at cleaning hair, smells great, and my hair feels really soft. Have you tried it?

    1. Reply

      Lisa Fennessy

      Yes! We love it too! Great rec.

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