Vejo Portable Blender Review (List of Pros + Cons)

September 11, 2020 (updated May 11, 2023) — Written by

Here is my honest Vejo Blender review (including pros + cons). Let me start by saying, I never knew convenience until I met Vejo. Here’s what I love (and what I don’t) about this portable Blending System.

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By: Lisa Fennessy

This post is generously sponsored by Vejo, a portable blender company that uses organic, freeze-dried ingredients that are picked at their peak of ripeness to create on-the-go, nutrient dense smoothies. As always, The New Knew only works with brands who we trust are making the world a better place.


We’ve all been there. You go to reach for the spinach to make a smoothie and there’s nothing in your freezer—or worse yet, it’s wilted and slimy in the back of your fridge. 

Or you are starving and need something STAT, so instead of making something, you plow through a bag of corn chips and sour cream.

Or, you hit the vending machine during your shift because you didn’t have time to pack a snack. I HEAR YOU! And I’ve been there.

Well, say SO LONG to all those times a smoothie should have happened, but never did. And say HELLO to Vejo, the world’s first Portable Blending System.

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How the Vejo Blender works

The Vejo Blender comes ready to use with a fully charged battery and an intuitive “one button” operating system. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Fill the blender with water.
  2. Open a pod (could be cold brew; could be organic fruits and veggies).
  3. Put the pod inside the blender face-side down.
  4. Screw the cap on.
  5. Turn the blender on.

And that’s it! In 30 seconds you have yourself a nutritious drink. I’m saying “drink” instead of “smoothie” because this is not the frozen, thick, sweet smoothie you indulge in from your local juice bar. It’s a freeze-dried, organic-fruits-and-veggies-packed drink (like a thicker juice) that oozes convenience and ease.

The Vejo Blender has the potential to revolutionize your snacks and it’s a game-changer for people who have no time but still want all the nutrition. I mean, put it this way, with Vejo, you always have an organic smoothie in your bag. Like, ALWAYS!

a hot pink portable blender sit on a table in front of a woman drinking a blended drink

Vejo Blender pros

After using this Blender for a couple of months, here’s my honest Vejo Blender review, broken down by Vejo Blender pros and Vejo Blender cons.

Let’s start with the pros. 

1. Eat organic fruits and veggies anytime, anywhere!

This is HUGE and it’s Vejo’s most attractive selling point. Just think about all those times where you picked convenience over health. We’ve all been there. Well, NO MORE! Vejo is a healthy convenience anytime, anywhere.

2. A must for an on-the-go lifestyle

The Vejo Portable Blending System revolutionizes travel including road trips, flights, hotels, camping…the works! No more settling for a Mrs. T’s on your flight or the hotel continental breakfast before your meeting because you only have 5 minutes…NO! You are so much better than that now because you will always have an organic drink waiting for you in the wings. So long, suckers (literally 🍭and figuratively)!

3. A lifesaver at conferences and events

Sometimes I go to events and there is like, NOTHING TO EAT. Often times, these events can be in remote locations or there are limited break times or the food is pre-ordered and it’s a “you get what you get” situation. I usually carry nuts or a bar or an apple in my bag when I’m out for the day to avoid starving. (I also have celiac so it’s not just about organics for me; it’s also about avoiding gluten too.) Anyway, now I’ve got something a little more nutrient-dense as an on-the-fly option.

a woman in the background holds up a hot pink portable blender

4. A shift-work or freelancer’s dream come true

When I first talked about Vejo, all the nurses were like YAAAASSSSS. Which is so true! At 3 am, it’s like, what’s a girl gotta do to get an organic smoothie around here?! Same with on-the-go freelancers like interpreters, photographers, consultants, designers, mail people, etc. This one’s for you!

5. Long battery life

The battery on the Vejo Blender lasts forevs! It takes 2 hours for a max charge (although I’ve charged it for just a few minutes and was able to use it that way too). And after a max charge, it can last for 15+ uses. I’ve also not used my Vejo for a week and there was still charge left. Wow.

6. A cute container + cute colors

Love that the Vejo Portable Blender comes in cute colors. Nicolle and I both got hot pink—naturally.

7. Durable

The machine itself seems durable. It’s a great weight, the inside has stainless steel blades and is BPA-free plastic. The outside is a soft-touch material that won’t scratch or show wear. I personally hate it when my water bottles get all scratched up and dingy-looking. I don’t think that will happen here.

a woman with long gray hair holds up a hot pink portable blender so that the inside of it is visible

8. Plug and play technology

This device is so easy to use out of the box. First of all, it arrived fully charged, which checks all my instant gratification boxes. But even better than that: it only has one button. I didn’t even read any of the directions and I was intuitively able to figure out what to do—AKA press the button, lol. My kind of tech because I personally hate reading directions.

9. Shelf stable + nutrient dense nutrition

Vejo’s fruit and vegetable based pods are filled with organic, freeze-dried ingredients that are picked at their peak of ripeness—when nutrient content is highest. And instead of produce that spoils after a few days, these last 2 years. Say goodbye to throwing out wilted produce, y’all!

Vejo says:

“Through our process, farmers are able to pick the fruits and vegetables when they are at their peak ripeness, and then utilize freeze-drying to preserve the nutrients. This means when you enjoy any of our daily blends, like Tart Berry or Strawberry Banana, you’re getting micronutrients and antioxidants straight off the vine.”

in the foreground a hot pink portable blender and blend capsule are held by a woman in the background

10. Biodegradable pods

I know you just heard me say pod and you flinched a bit. I know. I did too. But Vejo is using pods made from cellulose and they also happen to be carbon neutral and biodegradable. Generated waste includes the seal topper, as well as some of the pods come in sealed plastic bags to retain ingredient freshness. You can also drink straight out of the blender, so it doubles as your cup.

11. Does not leak

Most of the time you will make a blend and then drink all of it in one sitting, but if you only drink some of it, you can screw the cap back on and put this in your bag with confidence that it will not spill. This cap is a screw cap that locks in place and is leak-proof in my experience.

a woman with long wavy gray hair drinks from a hot pink portable blender

Vejo Blender cons

1. Limited flavor options

Not all pods are 100% organic fruits and veggies. Some blends contain ingredients like organic stevia, an organic gum blend, natural almond and vanilla flavor, etc. Nothing horrible but if you are a purist, consider this an FYI. 

Here are the flavors I recommend. These are 100% organic fruits and organic veg—nothing else. 

2. It’s not a traditional blender 

I mean it is in the sense it will blend your Vejo smoothie or something like scrambled eggs or even a Bulletproof coffee, but it’s not strong enough to chop and blend ice or frozen foods, which I think is what a lot of people like to use their “blender” for.

3. It ain’t cheap

Blends are $12 for a 4 pack which works out to $3 / pod. If you compare this to your instant coffee, it’s highway robbery, but if you compare this to your local juice bar that sells $10 smoothies, it’s a steal. The best way around this is to jump on their welcome offer, which is $99 and includes a blender and 8 blends (a $123 value). 

4. Not a meal

Three of the blends contain protein, including Plant-Based Protein Chocolate (15 grams), Plant-Based Protein Vanilla (15 grams) and Banana Almond (7 grams). 

However, the blends I prefer (Tart Berry, Clean Greens, Piña Greens…) do not include any protein. They also are between 20-100 calories each, so this is by no means a meal replacement…unless you consider drinking 7 of them. That being said, this pairs nicely with something like a handful of nuts or a hard-boiled egg for a hefty snack. I mean, now we’re talking! 

a woman pours a blended drink into a cup

Vejo Portable Blender hacks

Here are some hacks you will not find on the Vejo website. These are ways I find myself using my Vejo which may also be helpful to you…

1. Hot liquids

Vejo does not recommend blending hot liquids to “avoid causing the blender to overheat,” but I’ve done it without any negative effects. 😏 Proceed at your own risk. 

2. Add ons

Try adding your favorite protein powder, collagen powder or supplement to boost each smoothie. I love Zego’s one-ingredient, vegan, organic protein powder

3. Milk it

You can try subbing water for a plant-based milk, like oat milk or cashew milk. This is fun especially with blends like their Matcha Latte. (I love making additive-free homemade nut milks with my Almond Cow. More of my thoughts on Almond Cow here.)

4. Double or nothing

You can also double up and do two pods in the same blend. I love the idea of doing Clean Greens + Piña Greens, for example, as a double dose of greens with a little sweetness.

Have you tried Vejo?

xo, lisa in cursive

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Common questions about the Vejo portable blender

What is a portable blender?

A portable blender is a convenient way to prepare healthy snacks on the go.

How to wash a portable blender?

You can use a soft brush or just rinse clean with water.

How much does the Vejo portable blender cost? 

You can get a Vejo portable blender for $99 which includes a blender and 8 blends. Then it’s $12 for a 4-pack of blends after that.

Vejo | The world's first pod-based blender
  • Price
  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness


A portable smoothie blender allowing you to make smoothies on the go with biodegradable smoothie pods.



  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables anywhere
  • Convenient for an on-the-go lifestyle
  • A lifesaver at conferences and events
  • A shift-work or freelancers dream come true
  • Cute container + cute colors
  • Durable with long battery life
  • Easy to wash and keep clean
  • Plug and play technology
  • Shelf stable + nutrient dense nutrition
  • Does not leak
  • Biodegradable pods


  • Limited flavor options
  • It’s not a traditional blender
  • It ain’t cheap
  • Smoothies are not meal replacements

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    This was a great review – I have been very curious about this blender! Do you think you could add a nut butter to it and blend to add in some protein or would that not work? Thanks so much!

    1. Reply


      Hi Kindal! I think that could work. The blender and blades are stainless on the inside…I’m going to try it!

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    Great Post! You are sharing a wonderful post. Thanks and keep sharing.

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    Thanks so much, Lisa! I am going to have to give this a try!

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    Thank you! Your post was very helpful.
    Also thanks for the coupon code!!

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      Absolutely! Thanks for reading Alice!

  5. Reply

    kristie adams

    Thank you for this review. I am slowly bringing more awareness to nontoxic, organic, and healthy living overall. Chronic illness has run rampant on both sides of my family, so this has become critical. Thank you for the coupon code, as well. BTW, I’m going to subscribe after reading your review 😉

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      Thanks Kristie! So glad you are here! Be well, Lisa

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    Kimberly A Rathbun

    Lisa, help! I cannot u screw the bottom to plug in the charger!

    1. Reply


      What? That is so weird! I would recommend emailing or DM’ing the company so they can help! xo, Lisa

  7. Reply


    Do you think you could use these pods in a Keurig and skip buying the actual Vejo blender?

    1. Reply


      Hi Jen! I don’t *think* so…sometimes you have to blend it twice to get all the dried fruit out of the pod…not sure how that would work through a hot water drip…but who knows – if I had one, I would try it for you!

  8. Reply


    Hi, nice review! Can you tell me how does the dummy pod work? I am curious and also a newbie to blender world. Thanks!

    1. Reply


      Hi! Yes, after you make a smoothie, rinse out the pod and keep it on the side. Next time you want to blend something that is not one of the Vejo smoothies, fill your blender with what you want, stick in the empty pod (to activate the sensor) then close and blend. That’s it!

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    Thanks for sharing your review and the pod hack! Just bought one and after I used it, I was thinking that I wished it can be used without the pod! Thanks again!

    1. Reply


      Totally girl! Love this pod hack! How’s the battery life on yours? Someone wrote in saying their battery was not lasting days like mine is…just curious! xo, Lisa

  10. Reply


    That was me that wrote in, Vejo did change their battery since your review -check their website. It’s only meant to last 7-8 blends now and it doesn’t even do that. I hope people read to the end and see this before they buy. It’s a huge con. The blender doesn’t link to the app anymore either. They’ve made some terrible downgrades to their blender and didn’t even lower the price.

    1. Reply


      Thanks for the update Rebecca! I’ve emailed them to ask about this too…

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    This sounds like a terrible product. Just a way to take people’s money. You can’t make smoothies in it only their powder pods. It’s just a glorified shaker bottle. I’ll stick with the blendjet…

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    Hey Lisa,
    This is Lisa I was wondering I purchased my starter kit and extra pods on June 2nd 2022, today is Sunday the 5th hasn’t shipped yet should I be worried my 1st time ordering with vejo. Please respond with your thoughts
    Thank you

    1. Reply

      Lisa Fennessy

      Hi Lisa! I would recommend reaching out to the company directly to confirm. I don’t have any insight into that. Sorry! xo, Lisa

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