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Paying less usually means compromising a bit on formulations or the quality of ingredients. But not today! I’m so excited to bring you The Ultimate Organic Beauty Budget Buying Guide – say that three times fast. So I’ve rounded up over 50 brands that won’t break the bank but are still clean and most importantly, WORK!

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By: Lisa Fennessy

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Share this with a friend, pin it, post it on Facebook and IG – WHY? Because price should not be the gatekeeper to safe and effective skincare and makeup. Spread the word sisters! Just like clean food, everyone should have access to nontoxic personal care products. Especially the products we keep on our skin all day long like these 8 items.

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So if price is the reason why you haven’t taken the leap yet, or if you are just trying to save up for some Melissa Button Boots and not blow it all on a face mask. I’m here for you!

The thing that makes this guide unique

#1. It’s exhaustive. After living and breathing clean beauty for the past 3 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and trying so many brands. By sheer exposure alone, I’ve been able to round up the most effective yet affordable brands that are currently on the market – over 50 to be exact!

#2. Most buying guides are a cut and paste situation by an freelance writer or an online publication. This guide has been a multi-year research project and I’ve tried and vetted most everything on this list. And not only that, I am directing you to my faves from each brand and the products I know work.

#3. I’m hooking it up with exclusive coupon codes – some as high as 20% off! Which is an anomaly in itself because most of these brands are providing quality product with very small margins to begin with and to offer 20% off on top of that is just A STEAL.

#4. Sure there are other “green brands” that are affordable – just walk into any Target or drug store and you will see them in the “natural” section. But here’s the thing. When the price is low, formulations suffer. It introduces cheaper ingredients, fillers, harsher preservatives and more. I’m not talking about those brands today. I’m talking about real, clean beauty brands who formulate with integrity. I mean how about a titanium dioxide free foundation powder for only $6.95 or a clean shampoo that actually works for around $10 – yeah, I’ve got THREE!

#5. Everything on this list is under $30 – with just two exceptions for two products that bring a crazy bang for their $30-something buck.

#6. I’ve set you up with the cheapest places to buy. If I have a coupon code for you, I’m linking to that site’s store so you can take advantage. If it’s available on Amazon, I’m linking there too for easy buying – and noting if it’s cheaper. However, as we all know, Amazon’s prices fluctuate daily so it’s worth a click to compare either way. 

The Ultimate Clean Beauty Budget Buying Guide


glowing honey mask and box on a table with a bowl and washcloths

1. LIVE Botanical – Code NEWKNEW will save you 20%!!!

Handcrafted in small batches, with a deep understanding for herbalism and plant physiology, LIVE Botanical starts with fresh herbs. Let that sink in!  LIVE is committed to organic ingredients, responsible packaging, formulation and sourcing. Great for those with multiple sensitivities to teens with acne to those who appreciate simple yet effective formulations. LIVE is the real deal at a fraction of the price plus use my code and save EVEN MORE! For more, I wrote about LIVE here. Here are some standouts:

  • Glowing Honey Mask, $28.80 (with my code) – I use this DAILY as a wash/mask to brighten and bring the glow!

product photo of wildcraft organic face cream

2. Wildcraft – Code THENEWKNEW15 will save you 15% at The Detox Market

Wildcraft is a Toronto based company devoted to creating 100% natural skin care products. Their products are handmade in small batches with ingredient lists that are simple, pure, easy to understand and mostly (if not all) organic. Wildcraft brings the luxury of natural skin care to an everyday beauty routine. I wrote more about Wildcraft here. Use my code at The Detox Market to save even more! Here are some faves:

product image of cocokind organic rose water

3. Cocokind

Based out of California delivering clean and accessible skincare and makeup. I got to meet founder Priscilla Tsai at the Natural Products Expo this past fall and she is everything this line represents and more. She actually promises never to make anything that costs over $20! So many goodies here!

product photo of 28 Litsea organic lip balm

4. 28 Litsea – Shop The Choosy Chick and use code THENEWKNEW to save 10%

Based out of Massachusetts, newly rebranded 28 Litsea is a small-batch, high-quality, multi-sensory product line delivering effective, affordable and clean skincare. Here are some faves:

holding leahlani's mermaid mask in hands

5. Leahlani Skincare

Leahlani Skincare is based out of Kauai, Hawaii and came to life when founder Leah was struggling with cystic acne over 10 years ago. She recognized that her body was out of balance and set out on quest to find healing. Through this journey, she discovered holistic skincare and was inspired to create a line that would “transform a routine into ritual”. Read my Leahlani review for more. So many faves but these two are a steal for what they deliver:

product photo of skin owl organic moisturizer

6. Skin Owl

Struggling with cystic acne, founder Annie Tevelin enrolled in a post-graduate program at UCLA, received a certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry and Skin Owl was born. A brand designed to make women glow inside and out. 100% raw, organic + unrefined. Annie’s goal in formulating was to deliver overnight results! 

Province Apothecary founder julie clark at indie beauty expo

7. Province Apothecary

Founder Julie Clark’s devotion to fresh, seasonal, and organic beauty is notable. A certified holistic esthetician and aromatherapist, Julie is committed to innovation, sustainability, and small-batch skin care of the highest quality.

product shot of Trilogy organic rosehip moisturizer

8. Trilogy

When New Zealand sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot discovered the powerful benefits of rosehip oil for skin, back in 2002, they created Trilogy and took natural skincare into the future. Full ingredient list: 100% Natural Certified Organic Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) seed oil.

holding up the Aleavia skincare line

9. Aleavia

A prebiotic formula that maintains skins natural balance avoiding irritation, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, dry skin, premature aging and other skin problems. Formulated with just 7 plant-based ingredients.

holding the acure jelly cleanser

10. Acure

Available in Target, Whole Foods and some groceries, Acure offers a basic skincare line at affordable prices. This line is hit and miss for me. For example, LOVE their Brightening Scrub, but their shampoo doesn’t work for me. Here are some go-tos:

product photo of Avalon organic budget skincare

11. Avalon Organics

This brand is worth mentioning because it’s super accessible. You can find it in Publix, Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens, Sprouts, Whole Foods and more. It’s NSF Certified meaning “made with certified organic ingredients” and several of their products roll in at under $10! You can also shop Avalon on Amazon!

a bunch of 100% pure products gathered on a glass table

12. 100% Pure

Committed to producing the purest, healthiest products, 100% Pure strives to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to our global community.

product image of green tidings organic deodorant

13. Green Tidings

Green Tidings started by making a deodorant that is safe enough for a nursing mother, plant-based, free of aluminum, chemicals, and toxins, while still being effective. And it is! Try their trial sizes to see if it works for you!

a product image of moroccan magic

14. Moroccan Magic

A diamond in the rough, you can find Moroccan Magic at CVS, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wegmans and more! This organic lip balm is the perfect swap for conventional Chapstick. Tons of flavors. More on my fave lip balms here. Available on Amazon too. $3.99

product image of MOA The Green Balm organic makeup remover

15. MOA The Green Balm – Shop The Choosy Chick with code THENEWKNEW to save 10%

The Green Balm is an organic multi-purpose healing balm – it combines herb yarrow used for centuries to soothe, heal and repair, along with tea tree oil, nature’s powerful antiseptic and nourishing base. Soothes itches, helps heal minor cuts, treats insect bites, lip balm, combat athletes foot, treats chapped noses, soothes new tattoos, moistures hands, nails and cuticles but I love it most as a makeup remover! Available at The Choosy Chick and also on Amazon. $21

product image of Weleda organic moisturizer

16. Weleda

Started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own plant garden, Weleda today is a world-leading manufacturer of certified natural by NATRUE personal care. Their founder, Dr. Rudolf Steiner along with Dr. Ita Wegman, and a team of scientists created the first synergistic products orchestrated to reconnect the body with its natural rhythms. Available in Whole Foods and several grocers. They also have a clean baby line. My mom loves Weleda. She always asks for more Almond Soothing Facial Cream, $21 or you can find it for as little as $15 on Amazon!

product photo of Captain Blankenship Sea Salt Hair Spray

17. Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship’s founder, Jana Blankenship aims to formulate organic beauty products that create a direct link with nature. Cold pressed organic plant oils, flowers, seaweeds, sea salt and organic essential oils bring us back to the primacy of experience with the land and sea. Things got exciting this year when Jana launched Sailor – a spin off line featuring 5 essentials all under $20 and available exclusively at Target although it’s listed on Amazon too.

product image of FATCO organic moisturizer


A graduate from my alma mater, Northeastern, founder Cassy Burnvoth formulates FATCO with tallow (fat) and other naturally occurring ingredients — upholding the idea that just like clean dieting, clean hygiene is a sound approach to living well. Check out their Fat Stick: combat dry lips, apply to rough, dry patches on your face, rub onto your elbows and knees and beyond! Available at Target and Amazon. $10

product image of meow meow tweet lip balm

19. Meow Meow Tweet

A small-batch skin care company that creates vegan products with pure, all natural and organic ingredients. Meow Meow Tweet hopes to encourage small changes in the lives of their customers through the physical, emotional and ecological healthfulness of completely natural goods for the face and body. Master soap makers – I was lucky enough to take tutelage from founder Tara a few years ago at The WELL Summit in Boston. Love:

a press dropper glass tube of face serum

20. Me Time Botanicals

Formulated by Kara in South Carolina, Me Time Botanicals is committed to using organic ingredients in simple yet effective formulas. You are in good hands here! She has several beautiful formulas that come in just over $30 – check them out! But she also has several that come in under like:

hand holding dr bronners soap near shower

21. Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner, a third- generation master soapmaker from a German-Jewish soapmaking family. Still family-owned and run, Dr. Bronner’s honors its founder’s vision by continuing to make socially & environmentally responsible products of the highest quality. Available in Target and most groceries. Staples in our home include:

You can also pick up Dr. Bronner’s sometimes your local TJ Maxx or Marshals on deep discount!

product photo of Shea Terra organic moisturizer

22. Shea Terra Organics

Not only do Shea Terra Organics skin care treatments assist in preservation, they are also the backbone of economic sustainability for many hardworking families across the African continent. Since early 2000, Shea Terra Organics has worked closely with cooperatives and conservation groups to introduce Africa’s time-tested ingredients, such as mongongo oil and east African shea butter, to the world. Minimal, clean ingredients. Plus you can use shea butter for like, everything. Most products range between $10-$20.

Shop Shea Terra at Amazon!

Island Apothecary products on a white background

23. Island Apothecary

Island Apothecary is based on an island twelve miles off the Maine coast. Every single bottle they ship is crafted in small batches by hand. They even pick all their own rosehip by hand! There’s no industrial machines or giant vats of product being processed. They create simple skin solutions from all-natural ingredients using only organic and naturally derived materials.

product image of Badger organic sunscreen

24. Badger

Badger is another brand you will see in most groceries, Target, TJ Maxx and more. Badger is a small, family-owned, family-run, and family-friendly company nestled in the woods of Gilsum, New Hampshire. They blend organic plant extracts, exotic oils, beeswax, and minerals to make safe + effective products to soothe, heal, protect and otherwise treat your body. What I love:

smelling the All Good Goop clean body balm

25. All Good

Their products are made with all-natural, organic ingredients and are formulated to heal so they not only feel good on you, they make you feel better. Their mission is to offer the purest, most elemental ingredients and organic herbs in natural healing products that are good for people and good for the earth. All of their sunscreens are under $20 and they even have a nontoxic spray! Additional faves:

zoe organics bath wash against a white background

26. Zoe Organics

Zoe Organics creates truly organic skincare products for the modern family. This company was founded on a passion for providing moms and babies with the most pure, safe and effective remedies. They practice fair trade and social responsibility, with the goal of enhancing lives. Available at Nordstrom and Amazon. I love:

a product image of Honest Hazel eye gels eye mask

27. Honest Hazel Eye Gels

Honest Hazel Eye Gels were developed after searching for a much-needed product to reduce the signs of a “stressed-out, sleep-deprived, maxed-out, working-mommy.” Discovered and developed, Eye Gels smooth wrinkles and fine lines, brighten dark circles, reduce puffiness and hydrate the delicate under-eye skin. Super clean, super effective and best part? Honest Hazel Eye Gels are less than 5 bucks each! Must-haves for after flights and sleepless nights.

product image of sw basics floral waters

28. S.W. Basics

100% natural, made with 5 ingredients or less. S.W. Basics is available at Target and Amazon.

product image of 3.5 ounce bottle of Alba Botanical multi-purpose jelly

29. Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly

The Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly is from the Alba line which I don’t use because they formulate with phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 60, isolates and others but their un-petroleum is a fantastic, clean substitute to Vaseline and at $7 it’s affordable too! Grab it on Amazon.

an orgaid sheet mask applied


Sheets masks delivering cosmetic effects of organic ingredients. Based out of California, ORGAID is constantly in search of organic ingredients and cutting-edge science to harness the advantages of ingredients and enhance skin naturally. Best part? They are only $6 each! Be sure to try their Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask. Available at Aillea and Amazon. More here on masks that deliver instant results – including this one!


lily lolo products styled on a white background

31. Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics is the brain child of the visionary Vikki Khan, who first fell in love with mineral makeup while traveling many moons ago. Today Lily Lolo is an award winning mineral cosmetics range found in selected beauty salons. It has achieved cult status by beautifully harmonizing natural, chemical free ingredients with the ultimate in mineral based technology. Read more about Lily Lolo here including 4 other clean mascaras I love. I use:

  • Eye Lid Primer – I use this daily under my cream and/or matte shadows! $15
  • Eye Shadow Palettes – 8 shadows in one compact makes this one of the most affordable around! $34
  • Black Natural Mascara – A real crowd pleaser. Be sure to keep the cap on tight to avoid it drying out and flaking. $19.50

root makeup styled on a white background

32. Root

Based in Waverly, Iowa, Root launched in October 2013. Root is founded on the belief that what you put on your face should be natural, safe & enhance your beauty at a price anyone can afford. Always vegan, gluten free, cruelty free and made in the USA. I wrote more about Root here. Some steals:

Gabriel organic blush

33. Gabrielle Cosmetics

Founded by Gabriel De Santino in 1992, Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. originated as a botanical skincare company drawing on Gabriel’s personal influences and childhood experiences of homeopathic skincare and cosmetics. Today, the brand has vastly grown into a beauty empire of organic skincare and vegan + gluten-free cosmetics. I love:

zuzu luxe organic eye liner

34. Zuzu Luxe

Speaking of Gabriel Cosmetics, Zuzu Luxe is under this same company. Here are some standouts:

the new honest beauty mascara applied

35. Honest Beauty

Jessica Alba’s company. She says, “I founded The Honest Company because I wanted safe, effective products that perform. After all, you shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.” Her prices are crazy low and on top of that you can bundle AND SAVE MORE! Here are some standouts:

Or you can bundle and save more at the Honest Beauty website.

three honeybee gardens lipsticks swatched on white paper

36. Honeybee Gardens

Since 1995, Honeybee Gardens has operated under one simple concept – create pure, all-natural bath and body care products made from only the finest organic ingredients and offer them at a reasonable price. I’ve tried their entire line. Some of their products are preserved with phenoxyethanol like their blush. These are some goodies that are not and work!

well people organic foundation


W3LL PEOPLE is an uncommon beauty dream team founded by an elite makeup artist, cosmetic dermatologist and tree-hugging entrepreneur. They deliver state-of-the-art formulas containing premium natural ingredients and deliver flawless coverage. With W3LL PEOPLE you don’t just look good, you feel good. Perfect place to start if you are new to green beauty – read about my starter kits here. W3LL PEOPLE is not a budget line but there are some steals here:

Minis! They offer some mini versions of their products. A great way to try before you buy!

product image of evelyn iona organic makeup

38. Evelyn Iona

Evelyn Iona says a conscious consumer is a social movement that is based around increased awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment, consumers, supply chain, health and lifestyle. Lip gloss, concealer, eye liner, mascara – everything under $16. Shop Evelyn Iona at Aillea or Amazon!

a product image of the all natural face vegan eyeshadow primer

39. All Natural Face

The All Natural Face says, “We use pure, simple ingredients from the Earth that are good for you.” Everything vegan. I’ve only tried their Eyeshadow Primer and for $7 it’s fantastic. They also have shadows for $5 and lipsticks for $8!

Shop at The All Natural Face website or The All Natural Face’s Amazon page which is lean but check because maybe it’s been updated.

a bunch of dusty girls makeup arranged on a white background

40. Dusty Girls

Based out of Australia, Dusty Girls is a natural range of vegan-friendly, mineral makeup designed for women of all ages and skin types. They offer a healthy alternative to traditional cosmetics. I have one fave here but it’s too good not to spotlight.

41. Clove + Hallow – 2023 note that Clove + Hallow is no longer in business.

a pink compact with white finishing powder showing

42. Rejuva Minerals

Several of Rejuva’s products are EWG Verified and MADE SAFE Certified. Rejuva Minerals offers a natural and safer alternative that has celebrities, skin aestheticians, makeup artists, and allergy sufferers from around the world raving. So excited for their titanium dioxide and mica free Tinted Moisturizer they are dropping in late 2018! This line is titanium dioxide free with a few exceptions and offers us one of the biggest bangs for our buck. My review. Check it:

product image of pangea organic lip tint

43. Pangea Organics Lip Tint

Pangea’s philosophy: We do not compromise on ingredients or packaging; both are ecologically sound and protect the integrity of the product. Simply the best the world has to offer. I haven’t tried this line but I’ve been eyeballing their $8 Lip Tint!

product image of silk naturals organic makeup

44. Silk Naturals

Silk Naturals offers good makeup, made with great ingredients, sold with integrity and kindness. They research each ingredient – reading clinical trials, safety data, and anything they can get their hands on. Seriously, a million and one colors here ladies. I’ve tried their shadows and they are great.


I’ve been on a YEARS long quest to find clean shampoo and conditioners under $10 that actually work. It’s not worth it to save money if you wash your hair and its still dirty. These three brands are not perfect but have the cleanest ingredients I’ve found at the most affordable price points that actually still work!

Keep in mind, like most shampoos (green or other) doing 2+ rounds of washing will always give you the cleanest hair. And it’s also important to part your hair and apply product to your scalp so you are getting to the grease/root. Don’t just wash your hair, wash your scalp and you will have more success – promise. Most washes I do 2 rounds of shampoo. The first round usually doesn’t foam as much but the second one does and that’s where the magic happens. Depending on how long its been, sometimes I do three rounds!

a product image of desert essence budget organic shampoo

45. Desert Essence

I’ve tried their Smoothing Shampoo/Conditioner and their Anti-Breakage Shampoo/Conditioner. These foam and they both work! $10

Shop Desert Essence on Amazon!

a product image of andalou naturals shampoo

46. Andalou Naturals

Sometimes you can find this shampoo + conditioner on Amazon for less than $8 each! Foams and cleans.

Also trying their hairspray because it’s less than $8 and I hear it holds like a champ!

Shop Andalou on Amazon!

a product image of attitude nontoxic shampoo

47. Attitude

Attitude is EWG verified and WORKS! I went a week without washing my hair last month and Attitude stepped up to the plate delivering a full head of bouncy, light and clean hair. I did 3 rounds of washing to give it a fair chance and it worked. It really worked! Available on Amazon! $13

Other ways to save

48-51. Beauty subscriptions

There are a handful of organic beauty subscriptions on the market that continue to deliver month after month without compromising ingredients. I’m talking the best of the best that green beauty has to offer at a FRACTION of the cost. Last month Boxwalla delivered a plant-based retinol serum by African Botanics that retails for $250 and we got it for LESS THAN $50!!!

  • Beauty Heroes – The best of the best. A guaranteed $90 minimum value for $42.95/month. Three-month commitment.
  • Boxwalla – Delivering things that must be discovered. A true delight! $49.95/mo. No monthly commitment.
  • The Detox Box – Drops heavy hitters in organic beauty. A $90 minimum value for $55/mo. No commitment.

I have everything detailed out here – take a peek and see which subscription fits you best!

52. True Botanicals

True Botanicals is cutting-edge green beauty and worth every penny. It’s not a budget line but you can save 10% by signing up for their “Subscribe and Save” option.

Their Renew Pure Radiance Oil outperforms La Mer in every measure. And they make my fave shampoo of all time.

Shop True Botanicals here.

Code TNK10 will save you 10% off your order. 

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Discount Beauty Stores

  • Whole Foods 25% off sale happens a couple of times a year, be on the look out!
  • Next time you hit up MarshalLs, TJ Maxx or Homegoods, scan the beauty section for some clean goodies. I have seen Schmidts, Dr. Bronners and more there!

Try Before You Buy

Here are some bundles that let you try (sometimes a full line) before investing in full sizes. A green beauty test drive if you will…

Two in Ones

There’s really no better way to save than investing in products that do double duty. Investing in 5 great products is better than buying 10. And this way you can spend a little more but know that you will get the most out of it.

  • RMS Magic Luminizer – Love this on cheek bones but I also love it over eyelids for a quick wash of holy-bright-eye-Batman! $38
  • Bless Beauty Balm – Love this as a makeup remover but it also doubles as a moisturizer. So good! $54

Coconut Oil

Now let’s be honest. What would this post be without mentioning coconut oil!? I love using coconut oil as a makeup remover. It’s especially great at removing mascara. And there are other oils I like to buy in bulk too that are super effective and less money when you buy off brand. Buy in bulk and save.

  • Coconut Oil as a makeup remover and shave oil – PSST, the cheapest organic coconut oil is at Trader Joes for $4!
  • Jojoba Oil as a moisturizer – it sinks in the fastest of all the oils, $8
  • Argan Oil for a hair and beard – good for body too. $10

If you like this post be sure to check out some of my other budget posts:

I would love to continue to build this list out – what would you add?

xo, lisa in cursive

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Common questions about affordable organic skincare brands:

What are the most affordable organic skincare brands?

Avalon Organics, Leahlani Skincare, Coco Kind, Live Botanicals. Find my full list here.

What are the most affordable organic makeup brands?

Lily Lolo, Gabrielle Cosmetics, Honest Beauty, and a few more you can read about here.

What are the most affordable organic haircare brands?

My tested recommendations for organic haircare brands on a budget are: Dessert Essence, Andalou Naturals and Attitude.

What are the top organic beauty brands?

I’ve rounded up over 50 brands that won’t break the bank but are still clean and most importantly, WORK! Here’s the list.

By Lisa Fennessy

Lisa is the founder of The New Knew. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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      Thanks so much Alison! This was a labor of love for sure but SO WORTH IT! Thanks for reading girl! xo

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      Hey Sara! I would recommend All Good’s body lotion – it’s good and not greasy! Giovanni preserves with phenoxyehtanol which I tend to avoid. Nourish Organics is okay, good ingredients, I just don’t find it to be an effective brand for me.

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    You’re a lifeline for this crunchy, prematurely aged 30-something who has ignored skincare for far too long!

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      Hi Becky! Yes, they are a better option for sure! You can also check out this post that lists over 50 budget better beauty brands!

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